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I tried your advice and although it kind of works, you still see the next app in the app folder in behind it. Transparency is nice but I simply want the folder with the A in it. Maybe in a fix or something eh...
Yes hte backup somehow got corrupt so I assume that is why migration will not work. I should of tested it first to make sure the mac could of booted from it... To much in a rush I guess... I figured that seeing how all my files were there, migration would of picked up on that and simply went in and found all my preferences etc.. and imported what it could.
I used data backup 3 from prosoft. In the past I never had a problem with this backing up method.
For some reason, I made a backup of my tiger drive onto a firewire disk. I installed leopard on my macbook and now the migration assistant will not work. Does anyone know what can be done manually in order to import all my preferences "mail, network, etc.." just like the migration assistant does. thanks DD
tried it and still does it... hmm any other ideas?
I know this topic has been discussed before but this is my issue. I have a mac mini with a firewire drive that has my iphoto and itunes folder on it. All the rest of the macs in the house have an alias of the itunes main folder under user/music. The problem I am now encountering is that if one person is using itunes, and someone else tries to use itunes I get a message saying the iTunes Library file is locked. Of course my guess is because it is being used by someone...
Does anyone know how to limit a user to their own directory in leopard for ftp? Also, does anyone know how to enable sftp in leopard? I tried to follow a few documents that were for tiger but they do not seem to work with leopard. Any ideas? DD
Anyone know why all of a sudden with my leopard install, one of my 3 partitions on an external firewire 800 drive shows up in leopard? I went to view options and made sure that it would not display my external connected drives. THis is the case for 2 of the 3 partitions on my external drive. The one drive that is a clone of my tiger os is still showing up. Any ideas why this is or how to fix it. Initially, all three partitions for my external drive were not being...
If my leopard is giving me the odd crash where both my displays suddenly starts to display a bunch of colours "like the desktop is corrupt", is there a way I can view the system logs or somekind of logs to maybe see what caused the crash or what was going on before the crash? thanks DD
Does anyone know if it is possible to alter the list for the open now option in mac os x? When I want to click on an image and open with PS CS3, many times it list the one that I am currently using in my programs drive and also list CS3 a second time which is the one on the back-up drive. Many times I have at least 2 copies of each application when I hit the open with. Any suggestions? It get's a little frustrating because sometimes I will click on the wrong cs3 or...
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