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I know that time machine will "back-up" my main drive where the OS resides. Does anyone know if time machine can also be used for drives connected to your mac?'external drives, raids etc..?" I want to know if on my raid, let's say I am working on a project and I want time machine to run for that given folder"maybe over a couple months as work get's done" is this possible? thanks DD
Could anyone direct me as to how to go about writting a script to do this: When photoshop cs3 is running, have a pop up window apear saying "Don't Forget To Save!!" every 15 minutes? When Photoshop cs3 is not running then the script does not run. Any ideas? I figured this is as good as having an autosave feature for photoshop, but this way you can select the file to save when the message apears. thanks, DD
I agree with you on the point that eventually they will come out with a solution but the point about the amount of storage I think has nothing to do with it. With the 2 and 4GB nanos I know that I could use those to transfer files etc.. Sure is handy when you want to quickly transfer files from one system to another and they may not be on hte same network or other situations.
Yes I checked with itunes and the option is not there.
I recently received my ipod touch and for some reason it does not mount on my desktop like my other ipods in order for me to simply dump files onto it to transfer from one location to another. I looked online for an answer and founf some people saying that the ipod touch will not suport the drive feature and is simply a 16GB mp3 player and not much more then that, then otehr people are saying it is still possible. Is there an easy way to enable the ipod so that I can...
Does anyone happen to know where you can see a good benchmark of how a usb external drive performs on the new airport extreme gigabit? I would like to know how the airport disk works if you have 1 or 2 or more macs connected to the airport via gigabit. I know when I had the older version 10/100 it was pretty slow when several macs tried to access data simultaneously. Now with gigabit I wonder if we can use up the entire speed of the usb external drive or at least more...
Does anyone have any idea if the ipod touch will be able to control itunes via wifi? I was wondering if there would be a way to have it work with airtunes. I think this would be beneficial for those wanting to control itunes remotely maybe on a patio or something where they use the airport express etc..
I wonder if it would work with xp pro corporate edition.
I am trying to figure out if there is a way to increase the size of my windows partion without destroying any data. I have it set up sot hat bootcamp has a partion, I believe only 10GB and when I run parallels it uses that partion to boot windows. This way I only needed one partition to run both bootcamp and parallels. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to how I could increase the size of that partition so that it is reflected in both boot camp and...
For some reason when I hit the new button to send out an email, I no longer have my toolbar showing up in hte new message window. If I hit reply etc.. the toolbar is there. Does anyone have any idea how to get my toolbar to come back. thanks David
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