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Apple should have implemented its own MAP solution years ago when they heard that Google was going to encroach on their turf and build a mobile phone which is similar in design. With so much cash in hand, Apple should have invested in building its own services and don't let Google snap up all the great app developers one by one.
Thank you members of the jury. You helped right this wrong.
No I won't because I won't be buying that brand and no it's not ironic because I was aware of it. Give it time. I am sure Apple is looking to build new alliances and partnerships with other component providers.
Wow, first it was the ads that mocked people for lining up for iPhones.... Samsung just keep on pressing the right buttons I have to say.   They must take ordinary people for retards to come up with such dumb statements. Have you seen a Samsung phone prior to the iPhone??? Yeah, it's all just a rectangle...what about multitouch?   I just had enough with this retarded company and will never buy a Samesung product again.   By the way, who cares what Kevin...
Is it me or it's a bit harsh to take issue with Apple using electricity from coal?  What is Apple suppose to do? Build their own power grid from Solar and Wind? Really Greenpeace?
As Jobs said to Obama: those jobs aren't coming back.
Maybe you should have asked: how can you stand buying the same looking car? Then you would have made the same point that I was making
Did I suggest a release cycle of every few months? No. I am not a junkie but I agree with folks who think that Apple waited too long to release a phone with the exact same form factor. Regardless of the features, I speak for myself and say that I will not lock myself in another 2-3 year contract just to have a phone that looks like last year's (and more ) model. Apple caters to the high end so in the very same way, I don't think BMW would ever release the exact same model...
Agreed. It would have been nice to see it come in other colours as well (metallic gray?). Again, a personal opinion but the curved design of the iPhone 3G feels much better if compared to the boxy iPhone 4. The glass and metal is really adding weigh. Let's also keep in mind that if we look at buying habits, the durability factor probably should not outweigh the lightness factor IMHO. People trade in their phones usually after their contract expires and often, they...
[QUOTE=...One of the better presenters is Vic Gundrata (sp?) for Google I/O he has a swag about him that isn't Jobsian. C...[/QUOTE] You must be on crack to compare Vic (it's Gundota btw) to Steve Jobs. It's an absolute insult to the man. Furthermore, Vic Gundota will go down in history as being a righteous hypocrite for calling out Jobs and Apple as "Big Brother" while the company he works for copied/purchased its way into the market. Why does'nt Google open source...
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