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My mistake. I had the chance to hold my friend's Samsung Galaxy II in my hand and it felt lighter and thinner... The facts seem to suggest differently. But from the touch and feel, the Samsung feels much better. It's a personal opinion. I am an Apple fan and I had the original iPhone and want to see the original creator succeed but I think it's a mistake for Apple be complacent and offer the same form factor after the long wait time...
Seriously? People are disappointed because of the form factor and it's a decent complaint given how long it took to come to market. The iPhone is more than a smartphone. It's the device the revolutionized the smartphone industry, it's a status symbol, a trend setter, a category leader that others try to copy, even a fetish perhaps as you say.The thing is this: People do not want to lock themselves down for another 2-3 years with a design that has been around more than a...
I totally agree. Apple times their iPhone release with the 2 year cycle that we all have to abide by. It is a smart move from a business perspective but nonetheless, it's a disappointing move after making us wait for so long. This is what happens when you keep raising the bar. People have expectations. I think Apple can afford to offer more models in their lineup especially in the high end price point where the new Samsung Galaxy 2 is really superior in terms of...
if you think Apple does not have a case: http://www.reddit.com/tb/kr14a
So this licensing deal with MS will provide some protection for Samsung in their ongoing legal battle with Apple...And if so, how?
Glad to see Google spending its money wisely One day the cash cow will run out of milk and I guess then they will have to find another way to finance their world domination plan. As for Jha... well, he got his payday for jumping on the android bandwagon early I guess.
Obviously... there are no Tea baggers at Apple.
Especially if the ship was sinking in the first place... Nokia had a fighting chance had it bought Palm and/or transitioned quickly to a newer platform. Now, they have limited themselves to a role of OEM for Win Phone. RIM is next.
"The company has turned to a former Microsoft executive as its new CEO to right the ship." what's that saying again? oh yeah, the blind leading the blind...
What I am saying is that it's maybe just a matter of time before a supplier becomes a competitor. And with my logic, Intel manufactures its own chips in the States and still makes a nice profit so why can't Apple do the same?
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