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What are people smoking today? First off, you should not believe everything you read. Secondly, comparing Jobs to the godfather is a bit far fetched. I think the truth is somewhere in between. Besides, business is about relationships too you know. Let's not get carried away here people...
Really? that's your beef? AI is doing a great job and I find they have great original material. It's so easy to criticize in the internet age... Just go out and create your own website.
Universite de Montreal a world class school? Really? I am surprised
I disagree. Ultimately the user will decide what to install and if he installs crap well it
As a shareholder, I am glad the transaction didn't happen. That amount of money is better spent on new product development for the iPhone than securing patents. After all, with their cash reserve, they can afford some good lawyers. And from the looks of things, it seems like webOS will die a slow death at HP...what better outcome can you ask for really.
Interesting. They probably feel that the public opinion is shifting one them in Apple's favor. Daring Fireball had an interesting post showing the Android prototype before the iPhone appeared. Steve Jobs was right when he said that Google copied the look and feel of the iPhone. Just take a look at that Android prototype and the Google phones you see today. Rewriting history? I don't think so.
If Apple is serious about making a play for the living room then they should think about gaming. I don't see Apple challenging Microsoft or Sony for the throne. Heck, they could port iOS games if they wanted to and use iPhones as controllers.
Looks like a winner! I only have to wait one more year before I can upgrade from my 3G because in Canada, you have to sign a 3 year contract! On the flip side, we can actually make calls
My point was that the smartphone business is still young and as it evolves Apple has a unique chance to shape it by gaining market share as quickly as possible. Developer adoption is key and market share is important for a developer. Perhaps I am wrong but the trend seems to indicate that Android has the strongest momentum at the moment. Android devices are available on every carrier and offer the widest selection of models. My initial point was that Apple should do...
Really? Please name a mature market and you will find a player with a dominant player. And yes, by dominant player I meant to say a company with the majority of the market share. I thought it was obvious. If you take a look at the banking industry, the oil industry or even just the Processor industry. But this is besides the point a I wanted to make. I simply agree with the analyst. I share in her view that lowering the TCO for the iPhone would be really good for Apple....
New Posts  All Forums: