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I believe it will happen, it's just business. The smartphone market is still immature and there's a lot of fragmentation at the moment. Like any market that matures, there is going to be a dominant player.
I guess this is where our views differ. Market share is a critical indicator otherwise I don't think Apple would be pressed to show statistics about this at every WWDC.
I agree that Apple does not set rates but they can have an indirect impact on this. They can definitely stimulate some competition among carriers by not giving AT&T the exclusivity. Smartphones are computers. There is an operating system on which apps run on. Very simply put, the company with the most vibrant and dominant software ecosystem will prevail.
I was not thinking about world domination. I agree with the analyst that Apple should lower the cost of ownership. And they should do it by every means including the option of having a CDMA version for Verizon. Apple can grab a bigger market share if they reduced their margins and try to be more flexible with carriers. As for the analogy, it holds if you think about the developer ecosystem. The day the number of Android handsets is greater than iOs devices than it will...
"Huberty has also been a proponent of Apple and carriers offering a lower cost of ownership for the iPhone. " Agreed. This goes against Apple's philosophy of being a niche/high-end product but I think one very important debate they should have at the Cupertino HQ is the following: are they in this fight to win or not? They claim they want to make great product and that they are at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. That is nice and all but what good is...
Cool, another reason to go visit Shanghai
Plastic can be recycled or they could have used recycled plastic actually. When you market an entry product like the Mac Mini, it comes down to pricing.
A bit too expensive IMHO. I think the target market for this would rather purchase a cheap PC for half the price even if it's less reliable and doesn't pack the software goodies of a mac. And why did Apple put an aluminum unibody design on this thing? It makes sense on a laptop but I don't see the advantage on an entry level desktop. I would rather see a more affordable material like plastic and save $.
I hope so too. A 12 months release cycle for iOS seems very long if you compare to Android's 6 months. Regardless, how can the dev team at Apple outperform Android's massive open source coders...
Agreed. The black Search page that shows when you hit the home button looks way too simple and it seems like a waist of real-estate. Why not add a customizable home page...
New Posts  All Forums: