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That fool, he is probably just holding it wrong!
Well for me, there was not a chance of switching to Cingular back on June 29, 2007. No mobile service where I live and from what I was hearing from my friends in D.C. and NYC they couldn't wait to switch back to Verizon. So for me, living in BFE, Wyoming, it only seemed reasonable to wait an extra 3-4 months for the new iphone, after waiting this long. My upgrade date was pre-christmas and I honestly will wait to see what the new technology brings.
Personally, I'll be waiting for the next version of the iphone, after all it is only like March, April, May away. It'll be worth the wait, already waited this long.
This guy has been eating retard sandwiches, what a goofball.
Maybe others have seen this but I can walk into any Union Wireless location and buy a new iphone, I wonder if there are other "local" wireless locales that are selling it. By "local" I am referring to the entire state of Wyoming....just about everything in Wyoming is anything but "local."
I'm with you, just who do they think they are. I might be the first to jump that ship.
I just think that what has happened in the UK and in Canada is going to catch on in more places across the globe, it is a nice time to be an apple shareholder, especially if you got in around $85 like I did!!!!!!
I see a really cool trend here...
Very Cosmopolitan!
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