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Just as a plastic dish won't break when dropped and a glass one will, despite the glass one feeling sturdier.
We'll see how long that lasts...
On the bright side, you get to have an easily searchable and accessible copy too.They do. Just give them a call.If you make a lot of M2M calls an extra 10$ and the cheapest voice plan can save you money.
It might be awesome, but it sure won't be cheap...
I wonder what they'll get rid of next, PPU texting or the unlimited plan.
GV interface sucks compared the Messages. I used it for a long time, but now that I got text messaging I could never go back. (That said, I don't pay for my phone plan, and if I did I would probably choose GV over $20/mo.)
Yep. Go into a Starbucks and the MacBook proportion is far higher than anywhere else IRL.However, I do hope that apps don't replace songs. Not everyone (ok, ok, still almost everyone) has an iOS device.
Maybe Apple didn't like the devaluing of iPods that happened every summer.
BTS for Apple refers to college.
My dictionary is more descriptive than prescriptive (within reason).
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