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  It's typically been about 3 months. So it would be a normal time frame if 6.1 comes out this month.   In the past, Apple releases an iOS x.0.0 when a new iPhone is released, end of June or early July. Then, by late September, early October, an iOS x.1 is released after the iPod touch is announced and shipping.   When iOS 5.0 was released in early October, 5.1 didn't show until early March.   For work going through the winter, you'll have to add 3 weeks when comparing it...
  3% of total company revenue does not sound that measurable to me. $6.5b is less than 5 million regular iPhone. Apple is expected to sell over 100 million iPhones in 2013, right? 5 million is definitely within the noise of Apple's production planning for 2013.   Put the resources into making a better "normal" iPhone and surrounding platform services!
  Since the iPad has so many more pixels to drive than the iPhone, I think this forces Apple to have different iPhone (and iPod touch and iPad 7.85") SoCs then what will go in the iPad 9.7". It'll need more memory bandwidth and more GPU. So, minimally, the iPad 4 SoC will likely maintain a 2x memory bandwidth and 2x GPU as the A6 SoC in the iPhone 5.
No. Geekbench says dual core around 1 or 1.1 GHz. Everyone's (Linley Gwinnep and Anand Shimpi) agreed that it's a custom design core by Apple. Ie, a unique microarchitecture implementing the ARM v7 ISA with VFPU 4 extensions. The core appears to be about 1.7x faster per Hz then Cortex-A9 and about 1.1x to 1.2x faster per Hz then Cortex-A15.That's pretty awesome.
Looks like the A6 in the iPhone is a 1 GHz custom dual-core ARM CPU. GPU is still unknown (Anandtech thinks the likeliest thing is PowerVR SGX543MP3). ARM microarchitecture is unknown. 1 GB of RAM in the POP.   From Sunsipider and Geekbench bendmarks, the A6 ARM CPU core is about 1.6x to 1.8x faster than the Cortex A9 CPU core in Apple's A5 and A6 SoC.   It's an awesome CPU design indeed.
I'm keeping my NeXTSTEP 3 boxes forever. It's too bad Apple has been pragmatic about the OS X UI. It could use some freshening up but with user drag such as it is, it'll never happen.
Man, the prediction business is hard! Something is afoot.
The story on this is that a big screen, super thin Apple iPhone prototype slipped out of one Apple's suppliers and made it into the hands of case manufacturers. This was last year during the run up to the 2011 iPhone. It was going to have ~4.4" screen, lozenge shaped home button, vertically off-centered screen, slightly tear-dropped profile and super-thin (iPod touch thin). Obviously didn't happen. So maybe it was a intentional leak from Apple to burn case suppliers or it...
Not bad. This with an aluminum back would be fine. I like the 2007 iPhone with rounded sides better than the iPad corners though. A passthrough for radio signals still is an ugly problem to deal with. I'm quite conflicted about the larger screen though. A larger screen, if they keep the same UI, will make the phone harder to use one handed, and will likely degrade its pocketability. Competitors have definitely decided the benefits outweigh the negatives. Apple has to be...
Presumably, the guy with the assortment of well used tools has better designed tools, better looking tools than the guy with scratch free, unmarked tools. The carpenter who knows what he's doing will also know what the good quality tools are through many years of experience. We are talking about making a well designed tool here.
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