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 You get it? What the hell does that mean?
Like most of financial reports/analysis/surveys, either directly, newswire release and/or street pickup. Either way, the full contents, i.e., protocol/methodology/results/conclusions are restricted to their directors, management, and/or specific clients in part or in whole. In other words, the service is not free for all.
Perhaps the editor of Appleinsider should look up the definition of 'rag magazine" MacUser doesn't or never did deserve the rather disparaging meaning that is associated with the word 'rag' as used in this headline.
Until UBS Evidence Lab makes the survey public, we'll never know.
Well, I don't subscribe to the WSJ, and I doubt that you do. I will apologize if you send me a transcript to the article. In the meantime, are you suggesting that attempting to educate Americans to a higher standard is not a good idea, no matter where it comes from? Or do you have a better idea. By the way, the Republican Governor of Tennessee concurs with the Obama Plan. Also, here's a better analysis of this so-called misbegotten idea by the...
NOTE: "…500,000 workers dedicated to its iPhone lines alone…" and I believe the entire production will be closer to 150 million in 2014. Even so, just who would be capable of building the necessary robots to handle the trillions of micro-parts used in putting together ALL those iPhones.  Incidentally, when Obama asked Jobs about bringing production back to the US, Steve apparently said, "Never." What was not reported was the fact that it took "approximately 6,500 engineers...
Apple didn't call it: a watch. Like they didn't call their mobile phone: a phone. Like you don't call your mom: a mother
Watch is A Time Piece World Clock Chronograph Alarm Clock Stop Watch Time Keeper Weather Station Calendar Activity Tracker Meeting Planner News Station Sports Station Stock Monitor Currency Exchange Monitor Route Mapper Pedometer Astronomical Observer Music Player Heart Monitor Text Messenger Accelerometer Remote Camera Viewfinder Photo Viewer Third-Party Notifier Travel Itinerary Viewer View Next-Step Recipe Contact-Less Payer Mobile...
 No they didn't!
Quote: Agree. The Watch is not A WATCH as the iPhone was not A MOBILE PHONE. Or AN iPad was not A READER.  True the Watch may need some of the features of the iPhone to maximize its functionality, but it will also prompt us to take out our iPads and/or open our Macs. The Watch like the iPhone will sell like hotcakes. New iterations will be bought like hotcakes. And like every iPhone bought in the beginning, the kids in the family will, for the second time, anxiously...
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