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 I gather there aren't any left-handed divers. But there is still no reason for the vitriolic comments on a product that has yet to be launched.
 Kevin Lynch showed using the Oblong Button at the 80 minute mark in the keynote video.
 Not any different than any companies do when announcing an impending product launch. How can you have a support forum for something that is not yet made. And Apple didn't post any unanswered questions. Or a need to explain anything beyond what they need to at time. Much like the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad introduction. Remember this was not a product launch.  Cripes, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the  Watch doesn't have a GPS chip that a GPS app won't...
 And how many times a day do you brush your teeth?
 As I posted previously:Apple has put up new INFORMATION pages that everyone should peruse. Lots pages. Lots of information. Well worth reading.Note: Click Explore at the right side at the top of any of the pages to view the table of contents. I would suggest you peruse the nine pages Apple has just put up. And then repost your queries. But note, any question that you can't resolve there, is highly doubtful that anyone here can answer unequivocally.
As I posted previously,    Apple has put up new INFORMATION pages that everyone should peruse.    Lots pages. Lots of information. Well worth reading.   Note: Click Explore at the right side at the top of any of the pages to view the table of contents.
How the hell does putting your ID on your iPhone increase the growth or power of government or be unconstitutional?
  IMPORTANT Apple has put up a new FEATURES page as well a few other that everyone should peruse. For example, 
 So where did you get your left-handed keyboard? Seriously, I doubt that 10% of the population will be alienated. This is not to say that Apple should not consider a watch that is suitable for those that would wear it on the right wrist. Unfortunately, much of the discussion will come down to cost. And cost does not only consist of manufacturing.  As you know, right-handed watches are rare. As are for most products. Perhaps it will be universal when printed materials are...
 Surely, there will be the day that all our ID's will be in electronic form. In fact, right now   Certainly, the EDL could be incorporated via Apple Pay, just like Apple might soon have all four major U.S. card issuers on board with its new Apple Pay service. Same for my NEXUS card.
New Posts  All Forums: