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Apple site still showing 4-5 weeks for the 64GB 3G. Few other models show 3-4 weeks. Ordered mine on 3/11 and still shows a shipe date of April 1.
Did not think iOS 4.3 was out to the Verizon iPhone. Check out the picture.
The $5 covers one phone for 200 messages. Need to add the messaging plan to each phone.
Got this from the AT&T forum: Try this: Call 1-888-333-6651. Press 1. Press 2. Press 1 for online like mine. Press 1. Enter order number followed by #. Press 1. Say yes. Tracking number should be provided with shipping info Worked for me to get a tracking number.
Ordered mine from AT&T on the 9th. Still showing in progress!! I live in Anchorage, sounds like the phones made quick stop here and kept going. Hopefully they dropped a few of here.
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