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I'm disappointed, I thought it would be for all iPhones. I have a 4S and an iPad 3, and I do get regular crashes (goes back to white Apple logo and resets) throughout the day. OSXdaily had warned users not to upgrade until fixes were released, but I was way too excited to wait any longer - I can put up with it for a while, as the rest is just pure bliss, but it's annoying. Answer: Backup your phone/iPad to icloud and do a RESTORE. This will resolve your issue.
Just installed 6.1 Beta 5  can't talk about it.  All i'll say is AWESOME!!!!!!
File a bug report guys. I'm a iOS developer and the engineers at apple really look at the reports. http://techtips.salon.com/report-bug-iphone-3668.html
not saying people in other parts of the world are not important That's not what I'm saying. I'm just saying that maps works fine in the US. We respect and love everyone all over the world.
I dont know what all the fuss is about. Apple maps works flawlessly for me. Never had a problem with it. I think the people having problems with it are folks outside the US. I'm just saying.  
wow what a douche bag!!!!!
Wow this dude is paranoid. Only the router gives off a wireless signal. Everything else receives it. You get more radiation per by going through the checkpoints at a airport.
Road trips or when one goes out of town. Or for the kids in the car
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