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Wow this dude is paranoid. Only the router gives off a wireless signal. Everything else receives it. You get more radiation per by going through the checkpoints at a airport.
Road trips or when one goes out of town. Or for the kids in the car
i was about to curse you out and say why do u care if the corps make a profit, but after the apple fact all i can say is Damn!! i still think unlimited means unlimited. Why is South Korea way better than us when it comes to 3G and 4G? And why cant i watch netflix on my phone??? This is America last i checked. Were suppose to be #1 in Tech but because of greedy old corp farts, advances in tech are being held up. Did you know the PS4 has been good to go for 2 years? Why...
I just installed 5.1 on my iPhone 4S and Siri is blazing fast at least six times faster. This is crazy!!!!!
Because the casing is rumored to be the same size as the iPad 2. No iPad 3 for you lol But we will find out on Wednesday. I got my $600 READY!!!!!!!
You say why didn't she quit? Same reason you dont quit when ur boss pisses all over you. Its funny how people who have cushy lives can freely criticize the less fortunate. They line them up at foxconn like they are slaves and pack them in dorms with horrible living conditions afterwards. Why didn't she quit? because has to make a living dumbass!
Had the same issues. EASY FIX. Plug your phone up to iTunes and do a restore. When the restore is done set your phone up as a NEW phone. Do not restore from backup. ( that's where the bug is) It sucs because you have to set everything back up manually. But your phone will work flawlessly. I GUARANTEE IT! Please make sure you come back after you have don't this to let everyone know if it works or not. Dueces!
If you setup your iOS device to ask for a password on unlock, then you never have to enter any passwords for apple products again. Like find my friends and iTunes connect
trust me its worth the wait, only a few more hours and you'll have brand new phone. At least it will feel like a brand new phone :-)
If that had been a PC i bought in 2009 it would be as old as dirt. Cant wait to sup my imac up with Lion and more Ramm in a few days
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