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Too many wanna be developers in the field. So to wither out the crap there gonna have to charge
Don't get me wrong siri was sweet a year ago. Now its too slow and goofy. I was happy when apple acquired siri. Lets hope the wait is worth it. p.s i used a HTC phone yesterday and the haptic feedback was extremely impressive. Get on it apple! lol
I love apple. These guys make coding easy!!! Thanksto newtool called arc
2 very different build files. I had the same backup issue its itunes delete itunes and reinstall it that will resolve that problem
Not gonna happen kido. ATT is greedy.
Funny seeing all the comments i got from the apple fanboys. You guys crack me up. Defending it like u own 1 million shares of apple stock. Read the updates and i don't think they warrant an update. Apple puts out these updates to battle the jailbreakers.
Whatever. not updating
Well worth it if you ask me. The torture of waiting is not worth it
I have a ipad2 2 wifi only and i found a way to use it outside the house without 3g. "Instapaper" this app has been a life saver and i love how it is fully integrated into all my other devices(imac, iphone, ipad) i save all the articles i want to read and read them later offline on the ipad 2. PRICELESS
Your a ass dude! thousands of people die and you say some crap like that? funny how insensitive we are as humans when things don't directly affect us. your a perfect example of all that is wrong in the world today kick rocks foker!
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