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Sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$20? $30? I'm not paying anything over $50 Free would be great, but this is apple were talking about lol
My lazy butt didn't sell my 16GB ipad on eBay last week even tho i wanted too. It cost me big time!!, $150 to be exact. Oh well, I'll put it on eBay and be lucky if i get $300 for it, and i'll buy the new one on the 11th. Love the smart screen tho. no more annoying slide to unlock.
So much for being free. This is why i dont download bullcrap apps theres so much junk out there. oh well p.s(Shameless plug) download my app Lifexpectancy and follow us on twitter @Lifexpectancy
It's so easy to use and makes my life so much easier it's scary. Have 4 projects in the works. Love apple
Anyone having proximity issues on the iphone 4 after installing ver 4.1????
Your asking for trouble by opening ur big mouth talking about stuff in public forums.
lol @ small animals lol
ATT dropped calls for years = no letter apple dropped calls for 2 weeks = A letter?????? Are u kidding me???????????????? If he wants to protect us he needs to take ATT to town! And make them refund some of the money i have paid them over the years. I get 4-5 dropped calls EVERY DAY!!!!!!! Thats murder! A friend of mine with tmobile doesn't even know what a dropped call is
Common guys its 2010!!! all this stuff should be part of the HUD system. HUD + augmented reality is where its at!!! I should never have to take my eyes off the road. When I'm looking at the car in front of me i should see snoop dog on that car via HUD and hit play or pause or rewind. Common Cadillac show these fools how its done! lol
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