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hooking it up to itunes as we speak!!! Can i get a hell yeah???????????????????? lol
Anger management. Funny how we cant spell and our punctuation is bad but yet were the world leaders in INNOVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kiss my American Butt!!!!!!
Walt gives ATT what they deserve. I am ashamed to say i pay ATT$100 a month to use the iphone. MMMAd dropped calls. If there gonna put a cap on data usage then they should put a cap on the amount of customers they have. "DO NOT HAVE MORE CUSTOMERS THAN YOUR CRAPPY NETWORK CAN HANDLE" And when u call them for compensation for all the dropped calls they say "sorry!!!" I got so feed up 3 months ago i tried to get out of my contract. She said i couldn't and so did the...
I am a app developer and apples techs thoroughly explained the background processes to us. NOW HEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!:Apps in the background do not use up power or resources. They are in a suspended state. The apple tech said hes had hundreds of apps running in the background for months and his battery life remained the same. Trying to clear up any confusion :-)
its a app that you have to download
If you are a iphone developer then you should have gotten an email with the link to the videos.P.s Xcode 4 looks sweet. I cant wait to get my hands on it.
Me ex was on my att plan(2 iphones), and then we broke up. I asked her to terminate her att line and she refused too. Then since she knew my password she logged into itunes and ordered like $30 worth of songs(on my account). I called her and asked her why she was doing that and she told me to go to hell,and said"what are you gonna do about?" i told her to give me 5 mins lol Mobile me----> Remote Wipe!!!!! 10 mins later she called me crying and apologizing :-) So mobile me...
AT&T is the most incompetent company in the US. I'm stuck with them because of my love for apple products. The reason you cant place orders via apples website is because apple has to check to see if your eligible for a discount via AT&T servers. As usual att servers are crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up Steve and go to Verizon a real phone company.
When u say snappier, what do u mean? whats faster? anyone that's downloaded the update can answer this question Thanks
i live in Dallas and i still get 2-3 dropped calls every single day. how do phone companies get to cook yup all these numbers. Yeah sometimes i get 2000+ Kb on my download test but its still slow as hell And i have never seen 700 upload speeds. Oh and Dallas was part of the upgrade. They said all upgrades would be complete bu Jan 1st BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!
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