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magic mouse just arrived at all apple stores!!!!
Alcohol on some toilet paper. put the toilet paper on a hard table and rool the ball on it really fast all the dirt will come out of the ball p.s use a lot of alcohol
Apple fix the damn vertical lines in safari !!!!!! It's freaking annoying damn!!!!!!
When you guys download it please let us know whats different
64 bit???? Please Safari is super slow Takes 4 seconds for any page except yahoo to load up whats up with that?
And it it really worth the upgrade? is safari faster? Bootup time, is it faster? does your pc Think a lot(rainbow cirlce) is iphone and moblie me synching better? Please reply Thanks :-)
And lets be fair here. Dont charge us for stuff we are not getting. A discount by ATT would have been in order, but noooooooooooo, they don't wanna loose a dime!!!. I don't care about ATT's infrastructure, if u are gonna charge me for a product DELIVER!!! Dumb consumers like u are the reason these corps. are running all over us..
same for snow leopard. i wont buy it for a month. I leant my lesson and top left click apple logo and then click on software update
its not as smooth. minor hiccups here and there. safari seems slower and time machine freezes and then unfreezes
The improvements are awesome. i just dont like being deceived. dont say this is a security update, when there's more to it than that.
New Posts  All Forums: