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its not as smooth. minor hiccups here and there. safari seems slower and time machine freezes and then unfreezes
The improvements are awesome. i just dont like being deceived. dont say this is a security update, when there's more to it than that.
This updated does way more than fix the security flaw. we are not stupid. My 3gs boots up twice as fast and the maps compass feature is way more accurate. So how does apple get away with updating other things and not telling the public about it?
send your complaint to apple !!!!
The battery drains way faster due to push notification being on. if u want your battery to last longer turn push notifications off!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is long overdue!!!!! My keyboard kept disconnecting and reconnecting And every time i put my mac to sleep the keyboard kept waking the mac up due to disconnect and reconnect.. Went to the apple store on Saturday and they gave me a new keyboard. That fixed the problem so i wont update to the new firmware until i run into problems.
We should be able to use any cell phone with any network. But Verizon was a casualty of there greed. They wanted more as always and came up short. now they wanna cry foul. As for sprint, screw them.
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