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Had the same issue but figured it out. In the App go to your Account and you will see the Remember Me. If it is already On turn it Off. Then turn it back on. It will then prompt you to enter your account info there and then do the check. It is tied to your specific phone number for that device and it will not let you change the number. If you were planning to use another number on your account as the upgrade it will not let you change the number. My son's phone now has the...
Wow that was almost too easy... Everyone must be still asleep... AT&T 5s 64GB in Silver ships in 1-3 days... Got right in and no problem... Received the email conformation @ 3:02AM EDT Ordered through the App and just in case someone wants to know... No local store pickup option...
My guess is that they have these staged across the US and overseas. I live in PA and Apple has a warehouse just east of Harrisburg, PA and I'm guessing that is where mine is sitting since I haven't seen a shipping notice yet (still pending shippment)and mine is scheduled for delivery on 9/21 via Apple. They usally ship with FedEx from there... Perhaps they can just install a pickup line there!
Hey no problem... mine aren't going on eBay just to be clear and a form of capitalism for things like this I hate. I just wanted two extra... one for my car and one for work. 
So glad I woke up @ 2:45! Tried to order through the Apple App because they said it was easier... all but the checkout! On the east coast I got to the checkout on the App by 3:03AM and from there it just kept timing out for 15 minutes. Gave up and ended up ordering on-line through Apple and for me at least was a piece of cake... the checkout seemed to take the longest. Received the conformation email @3:19AM and went to bed. Perhaps the only thing that saved me was my...
Saw this coming and ordered a few USB cables this past Wednesday... The order tracking states that they are scheduled for delivery between the 17th - 19th. Wouldn't be surprised to see them on eBay next week!
Wonder how many bought two iPads only to place on eBay thinking they could turn a quick profit like last year? Man were they wrong this year!
As far as Verizon or AT&T... If not in a LTE market which I am not I'm sticking with my AT&T plan because of the iPad falling back to a HSPA+ network. Between by iPhone 4S and the new iPad I ping on average 70 to 90 and average around 5Mbps. I had no issues again transferring my unlimited data plan to the new iPad. Did it through the web portal on the web but found out later I could have done it right through the iPad which was my only complaint about AT&T is that they...
On the Apple App it asked the same thing for me as well but it gave me the other data plan options as well... Kept the Unlimited and showed up on the summary
Received an email from BB about reserving one in store and clicked the info and on their site the only one they don't list for any carrier is the 64GB version. Then I received by email from Apple with my order acknowledgment with delivery on 10/14!!!
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