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Windows 8 will struggle to be widely adopted by corporations anyway. I don't see tacking on an additional tax as being harmful to Apple. On the contrary, it may persuade more businesses to stick with Windows 7.
I hope this news is true. The 17" MacBook Pro annoys me. These are supposed to be portable machines ffs. Consumers don't want to carry these huge laptops around with them. 15" should be the maximum.
Windows 8 is shaping up to be pretty damn amazing. I'm really looking forward to all the device launches that will accompany this hot new product from Microsoft.
History is against them.
No, I really do think there are a lot of question marks out there about the future of Apple. What they have achieved in recent years is truly phenomenal. But Apple isn't going to go on forever creating blockbuster new products that sell in huge volumes. They are going to have to keep doing truly spectacular things to maintain the price trajectory many investors are expecting out of them. I'm certainly not brave enough in my predictions to short AAPL (although I have been...
This could be the last great opportunity to get out near the top:Mac sales starting to seriously slow in the post-PC era.Microsoft and its partners are about to saturate the market with a compelling version of Windows for tablets.iOS is starting to look stale, boring and uncool.Apple's persistence with a small handset against gorgeous larger devices from the likes of Samsung and Nokia.
I hope they are killing off the Mac Pro to focus on the most important products. Mac Pro is an unnecessary distraction that attracts very little business for Apple.
This is exciting news for consumers who have been holding out for a revolutionary new product from Apple. Starck will add some va-va-voom to whatever this magical new product is. I want to buy now!!!!
I think Apple has peaked. The quarterly results could be a real bloodbath for investors.
These new MacBook Pros will be the most incredible yet.
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