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Troubling news.
Yeah and iConsumers hatred of Android is just for show too.
This is great news for prosumers. These stunning new MacBook Pros are shaping up to be among the most incredible ever. I can't wait to place my order.
This is bad news for Apple consumers.
The new iPad is all about that glorious display that consumes you.
I wondered how Apple would maintain margins with this dramatic improvement in display technology. It looks like we've uncovered the answer. I figured Apple might hold back on some of the improvements people were expecting until next year when manufacturing costs on the new display start to drop through volume. But perhaps you'll get a far better iPad 3 (more RAM, faster processor, better camera, etc.) this year by paying the $80 extra.
It's probably unrealistic to expect this awesome new display, a quad core processor, double RAM, etc. all in iPad 3 due to costs. If the new display costs substantially more than the current one, Apple will have to find savings elsewhere to maintain the current pricing and healthy margins. I think most customers will far happier with the retina display than more RAM and a faster processor this year. But you aren't happy, wait for the iPad 3S next year.
I stand by my opinion, if the AI piece is accurate. I don't have issues with Apple. I love their products. I dread to think how much I've spent on their products in the past few years. But I know daring to criticise means the guns get turned on me also. That's how a certain element of the Apple community works.
The NYT acknowledged other companies in their articles. They said the problem was not limited to Apple. Everyone knows this. But I'm afraid it comes with the territory when you scale the heights Apple has in recent years that the light shines on you. Apple never complains about all the exposure the media gives them when they are launching new products. They get an unbelievable amount of free press and media coverage. You have to accept the rough side of this is you'll also...
It was hardly a hit piece. Judging by what Apple publicised shortly before the story hit, leaked comments immediately afterwards, and additional measures they have since introduced, Apple knows there's a real problem. If the NYT articles does anything to help improve working conditions for some Foxconn employees then it will been well worth the while. I think slightly more important than an invite to a top secret OS X unveiling event. It seems everyone who dares say...
New Posts  All Forums: