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Yes how childish of the NYT to dare to do some real investigative journalism and publish those reports. And how very adult of Apple to respond in the way they allegedly have by not inviting them to media events. I thought Apple was doing some smart things in response to the articles published by the NYT. However, being seen to bully those who dare publish negative reports about your company might make people question the sincerity of certain protestations. I doubt NYT will...
Interesting. With that in mind, I wonder what TIm Cook thinks of Apple's own Mac OS X Lion developers.
This is great news for consumers. Siri doesn't work well on older devices that's why Apple was forced to make the very difficult decision not to offer the technology to 3GS and 4 owners. Apple is always about protecting the user experience. That's why I love them.
Performance of Lion is abysmal on ALL my Macs. Granted I don't have a current generation Mac: 17" MBP (Mid 2009) C2D 2.8, 4GB RAM 27" iMAC (Mid 2010) Core i5, 12GB RAM 13" MacBook Air (Late 2010) C2D 1.8, 4GB RAM Lion was clean installed on all of them. No upgrades. All computers start to feel progressively more laggy and unresponsive after an hour or two of use. I don't really use any heavy resource intensive apps: Chrome, Apple Mail, BB Edit, Transmit, Numbers, Pages,...
Honestly I find Windows 7 is a lot more polished than OS X Lion. It kills me to admit that Windows runs better on my iMac than the latest version of OS X. I still have several Macs running OS X Lion around the house, but they all suffer from the same occasional lockups and performance issues once you start multitasking several applications at once. I almost never had these problems on Leopard or Snow Leopard. But they happen every day when I'm using Lion. Admittedly I...
Apple doesn't care about pro users anymore. They've demonstrated that on numerous occasions in recent years. Given the state of Mac OS X Lion, and it's assortment of unfixed bugs, performance, and stability issues I'd argue they don't care very much about Mac users in general.
That's some serious cruelty.
I don't know if the $50 figure is right or wrong for sure. But if it was arrived at using the simple arithmetic you've just outlined then I'd strongly bet that it is wrong. It's not a simple calculation you can put together because you're not factoring in the volume discounts Amazon will be getting from suppliers for a start. People can guess and estimate, as they do with Apple products too, but usually even "expert analysts" are way off base with these projections. Apple...
I always got the impression that most "Apple geniuses" would be better suited to flipping burgers than working for the most important corporation in the history of the world.
My biggest concern is this new guy doesn't look much like a magician. This is bad news for the future of Apple.
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