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Why is it bad for the entire Apple community?
Android + Windows Phone would be a great 1-2 for Microsoft. We should not forget they have already have HTC paying significant licensing fees for Microsoft patents on every Android device they sell. And Microsoft is pursuing other Android manufacturers to get them to do the same. So in reality Microsoft could be earning big licensing fees from sales to at least 64.10% of the market in 2015 if all goes to plan for them. That would put them well on the road to achieving the...
Lenovo IdeaCentre ASUS EeeTop
Interesting post. That's the problem with essentially anonymous message forums like this. You never know if the person at the other end is sharing honest opinions, is working to an agenda, or is just trolling occasionally over the years for a few cheap laughs. I'm sure anyone hoping to promote competitors to Apple on a site like this is wasting their time and money. This is Apple after-all with its cult like following. I doubt anyone could fail to understand that from the...
The Daily Mail are just like most news organisations today. Their "journalists" work to a set of ideals that guides them in producing stories that meet editorial requirements. If you want your work to be published, and you want to keep getting your pay cheque (or bank deposit nowadays), you do as you are told. It's easy to bash Murdoch's empire and the likes of The Daily Mail and The Torygraph. But then we have equally biased reporting from the other side with the likes...
I've had these issues with the current generation AppleTV too since it launched.
The Mac is back!
It's about time Apple did this. The performance benefits of having the OS installed on a small flash drive will make any MacBook Pro upgrade feel 10x better. My current generation 13" MacBook Air actually feels faster than the 2009 17" MacBook Pro I also own.
I'm an Apple fanboy but I have to hope the regulators hammer Apple hard over this one. It won't be long before regulators in the EU launch an investigation either.
I'm sure the Mac Mini is selling extremely well. It's the one Apple product that gets bought in volume by large hosting companies leasing Dedicated Mac Servers to customers who want them. I'm surprised there's a viable business selling OS X Server solutions to be honest, but there's undoubtedly demand. Even Go Daddy got in on the game.
New Posts  All Forums: