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I hope Apple blocks access to the application via a software update. If people want to use this junk, they can go buy another phone. Apple made it very clear their garbage is not welcome on the iPhone platform by rejecting their application outright.
Microsoft makes its money from volume OEM sales and corporate. They get a fraction of the retail price with the volume discounts. They only sell a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of Microsoft Windows at retail. That is probably going to change a bit with Windows 7 given how fantastic it runs on older hardware. For the first time in a long time, you can actually improve the performance of your computer by updating to the latest version of Microsoft Windows.
They buy hundreds of copies of OS X and that makes them one of Apple's biggest customers? What planet are they on?
People are stupid. They will blame the iPhone when their voice calls are inaudible and prone to all the problems associated with these silly services. This will in turn hurt the brand and threaten sales of the device. Apple partners pay a fortune for exclusivity agreements. These partners make a big slice of their returns on people actively using the services they provide. I would be surprised if their agreements with carriers even permitted this kind of thing on the app...
This is a great decision by Apple. Why should Google come along and deprive Apple and their valued partners of revenues? Go play with your Android friends Google. You are not wanted here. Even more important ensuring voice calls are of the highest possible quality. Guess who is going to get blamed when call quality is terrible, lines drop, and latency makes conversation next to impossible? The iPhone of course!!! Apple did the right thing here.
New Posts  All Forums: