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Samsung continues to drive incredible innovations to the overall Android experience. This is why consumers are choosing Samsung devices over those from HTC and Sony. Samsung is in the experiences business, and consumers want these amazing experiences.
  Personally I find it highly entertaining when obsessed Apple fanatics go off on a rant about Woz whenever he dares suggest a gadget lacking that sacred Apple logo might be half-decent, or slightly better in some way.   I'm always fascinated by what Woz has to say. He's usually got interesting and unexpected opinions about the industry and the direction things are moving in. He still loves Apple products but he's not a pure partisan like John Gruber or the even more...
This is really amazing. A magical performance from Kutcher... his appearance, mannerisms, delivery - it just works. This movie will be really really cool. A truly breakthrough cinematic portrayal of a revolutionary tech icon.
  It could just be called, you know, an opinion written by a freelance journalist. Opinion pieces are acceptable, even if they don't conform to your personal viewpoint of the world.   Personally I do think iOS is a bit stale. I upgraded to a 4S from a 3GS and definitely questioned my decision afterwards. It's the same OS running a little faster on a better looking display. The camera is also very overrated. Sure it's a lot better than the 3GS, but it's still not something...
  I couldn't give a damn which company is making more profit. All I care about is there is a product on the market I want, and that product is being sold at a price I'm willing to pay. And I sure as hell don't care how other people are allegedly using the products I have chosen to purchase. It's how I use it that counts.
Jasmine is excellent. It's better than the official youtube app on iPhone.
This is great news for consumers of the best products. Keeping shareholders fully invested and happy ensures Apple will be able to continue investing in the products of the future. I only hope Tim Cook goes further by announcing bigger dividends in 2013.
  The signed apology letter is a bullshit big corporation move. I'm not surprised if Scott did tell them to go shove it. I think it's reasonably safe to regard this as one of the rarest occasions when you truly can use the words: this never have happened if Steve Jobs were still around.
  I'm quite liking Windows 8 on the desktop now which is amazing to me. I thought it was impossible. I hated all the release previews more than I've ever hated any version of Windows before it (well, maybe with the exception of Windows ME). But I've been steadily using the RTM build more and more, with a copy of Paul Thurrott's Windows 8 Secrets book close at hand, and now I'm learning how to use Windows 8 properly. Most worrying I'm starting to enjoy the experience.   Of...
  People such as John Gruber are saying you can definitely tell this is a non-Retina Display when reading text. Sounds obvious of course, but I hoped with this being a smaller display than iPad 2 it might be much less noticeable. So fixing this downer will be a priority for Apple in the first revision I imagine and hope.   I think it's a no brainer they put Retina in the new iPad Mini next year as long as they can do it for a reasonable cost. But regardless how long it...
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