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  HD 4000 performs about 50% worse than the discrete graphics in the Mac Mini in benchmarks. This is definitely a significant downgrade given how much emphasis Apple has put in 10.7 and 10.8 taking advantage of GPU. I certainly wouldn't be "upgrading" to this if I owned the previous generation model. :)
Here we go again with the asinine iOS vs. Android arguments. Sigh.
  RT. That's all you can buy atm. Pro version (Win 8) arrives in three months.
  The metro interface has received some pretty positive reviews even from Apple fans in the media. Microsoft and its partners surely haven't shipped anywhere near as many phones as they would have liked, but I don't think that has anything to do with the interface. It has more to do with them getting into the market so late and losing so much ground on their biggest competitors.   I applaud Microsoft for at least trying to do something different with their UI, unlike...
  The problem is with expiring rights.   Official Spotify clients no longer show you which tracks are unplayable in your playlists. But if you open your Spotify playlists on another device, such as a Sonos, you'll probably be surprised how many tracks are greyed out and unplayable because the labels/artist withdrew from Spotify. Some of the tracks may even still exist on the service on another album that is still playable. But because Spotify didn't link them correctly,...
  The listening hours are limited to 10 for non-paying users after 6 months.   It's also a different service to iTunes. This is another Spotify clone.   Xbox Music launches with a bigger library than iTunes too (in the US at least) which is a first for any service of this kind I believe.   I think it's a pretty compelling service for users of PC/Xbox/Windows Phone/Surface. 6 months of free unlimited service gives people plenty of time to evaluate how good this service is.
  It makes sense in so far as it gets them a headline price below $300. But as usual with Apple, the  base model is the one they don't want you to buy because it has the lowest margin. Higher capacity and cellular models is where they'll make their serious margin.   I do think 8GB will make for a bad experience though for reasons you suggest. You lose around 1GB for the OS leaving 7GB for all your apps and content. Not enough with retina-bundled apps using a lot more...
  512mb of RAM is bad news for consumers and developers who want to take full advantage of current generation devices.
This is terrifying news for consumers of the best products. If Samsung gets its way iPhone will cease to exist sometime in 2014.
I agree. This is great news for consumers and will really drive iPhone 5 adoption forward.
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