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This glitch never would have happened if.....
This thread is fantastic comedy value:   - Tech journalists are unqualified hacks unless they have a degree in engineering or extensive training in software development. (all sports journalists are trained athletes) - NYT's loathes Apple and they pile on at every opportunity. They even time their articles to cause Apple maximum hurt. - Nobody reads the NYT's anymore so wtf cares what their writers have to say? - Google may have secretly released an app that is...
I bought an Android device for testing purposes earlier this year - a Sony Xperia S. I can say that the vast majority of the iOS apps I use everyday were all available to me on the Play Store. One or two of them are a lot poorer than their iOS equivalents. Stitcher being the best example - it lacks a number of iOS features such as offline downloading, and crashes and overloads the CPU consistently. But overall I don't think there's a huge difference between the two app...
Consumers still love iPhone 3GS and prefer it over any Android device.   The fact Apple is still able to provide owners of this remarkable phone with updates is just mind-blowing to me.
  Yes, of course. When you're the cool underdog, that's what you do. Apple isn't the underdog in this space, they are the leaders, so they don't speak of competitors in commercials.    I think the Samsung ads are well done. And quite funny. But maybe that's because I can't picture myself in a long line waiting dozens of hours for Apple to sell me a new phone.    You also can't blame Google/Motorola for having some fun at Apple's expense over this. It's an open goal...
It's great to see Apple integrating technologies that help protect consumers from the risks of using unauthorised accessories with their valuable iDevices. I'm very excited by the vast potential of lightning.
The map app is very good for a 1.0 release. I'm impressed with it. It's not perfectly reliable yet, but it promises to be a gamechanger for iOS users and the entire industry. I can't wait to see where Apple takes us with this. I'm happy to be on the journey with them from the start.
Hello Moto This is terrifying news for consumers of the best products. Courts must not allow Apple products to be banned under any circumstances. I cannot believe they are even allowing this investigation. I'm outraged.
This is great news for consumers.
  You know I think you are right. It's very obvious that Browett's initiatives in the past few weeks have had no impact on consumers positive Apple experiences during the last year. I'm going to load up on AAPL stock right now and laugh at all the naysayers. They have no idea what they are talking about.
New Posts  All Forums: