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This might finally push me to making a platform switch to Microsoft Surface. First it was the draconian App Store policies and now destroying the retail experience that so many of us depend upon every day of our lives. The Apple retail experience was so good many of us make a habit of visiting international stores on vacation.   This is seriously bad news for consumers.
These remarkable new technologies will basically kill Microsoft and the Windows ecosystem. There's no way they can compete with this deep level integration across all devices only consumers want: Apple devices. Game over Microsoft.
Damn. This could be enough for me to switch back to Windows full time.
This seems wrong to me.   I'm sure iPhone users would value their devices much higher than $313 on average. I know I value mine at $1,000,000 because it's that important to me. It's one of those most important things in my life.
This is why I'm considering a switch back to Windows. I think the Mac's days are numbered.
This thread is unsurprisingly cringeworthy with all the attacks on Woz.   How dare he talk positively about another technology company that doesn't have the Apple logo? How rude of him to want to wait until he's had the chance to use a Surface tablet before passing judgement on it?
  Pageviews.   The same reason all the others continue to quote DigiTimes.
  I think it's wiser to try and keep an open mind.   I don't feel the need to set my expectations artificially high or low. I'll be utterly unaffected by whatever happens with Surface - no matter how good or bad it is. 
  Nobody knows yet. It's impossible to judge fairly until real people have the opportunity to use these new products and review them. But Microsoft Office is still very much a big deal for a lot of people.
  It's impressive you've already formed these opinions before the product has been reviewed by a single person outside of Microsoft.
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