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  Microsoft is giving consumers CHOICE. I know that ugly word is mostly foreign to Apple fans.
I think people are being optimistic discussing a 2012 Mac Mini. I think it will stay as it is until mid-2013 when Apple will merge together the Mac Pro and Mac Mini lines into a single new pro product. Until then, Apple can enjoy increased profit margins on existing hardware as components costs continue to fall but prices remain the same.
This is definitely a great win for our Apple family. The fandroids will be hurting real bad over this judgment.
I only buy Apple products.
These are truly extraordinary technologies Apple is rolling into the next generation of Apple TV software. I cannot wait to get these updates loaded onto all my Apple TV devices.
  He's completely correct. How a website for Apple enthusiasts can run articles promoting this garbage is beyond me. I'm furious.
  I think running Windows reveals them to be 60 Hz.
I'm very concerned this may be the result of draconian Apple store policies.
There's no better feeling in this world than being held captivated by an Apple event in stunning HD on Apple TV. Many of the innovations Apple revealed in this episode are truly mind-blowing and revolutionary.
Awesome!!! I can't wait to give this a try later.
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