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It's wonderful how much pride Apple takes in making the inside look as beautiful as the outside. Even though 99.9999% of people will never see what's under the hood, Apple still puts a lot of effort into the design. I know this is something Steve Jobs cared passionately about. I hope Apple honors him by continuing this tradition. I fear this will go away as it's one easy unnoticeable way to cut costs and improve margins. 
Everyone knows you should have a bootable backup before you install any software or updates. If you don't do this, it's your fault not Apple's.
The current iMac really is an incredibly powerful machine. I don't think consumers are crying out for faster processors in them. It's all about that gorgeous display that just dominates the product.
The new iPhone will be the fastest, smartest and bestest iPhone yet.
    You just have to trust Apple to make the best decisions for consumers. I am a 17" MacBook Pro owner and I love the product. But if Apple discontinues the 17" model this year, then I'll support their decision and reward their bravery by purchasing the 15" model. You can't walk away from this Apple family just because you don't get everything you want all the time. Apple is wonderful company, they deserve our ongoing support by buying the amazing products they continue...
I believe this is true. 17" MacBook Pro is dead and will become merely a collectors item. But I don't care. The 17" is no longer required now we're getting these incredible retina displays in the 15" model. It has all the screen resolution we need.
It looks official. No 17" MacBook Pro in that lineup. It is dead.
This is great news for consumers. It confirms the new Macs are getting Retina displays.
These will be the fastest Mac Pros ever.
Good :) I hope they are successful with this.
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