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  I agree 100%. I just ordered a new Mac Pro this morning. I can't wait for it to arrive.
This is great news. I always believed people wanted a no compromise tablet experience.
  People said exactly the same before the last refresh. The argument last time was the resolution might be lower but it's better quality in the Pro.   No way will onboard Intel graphics drive a 13" retina display anyway.
Stunning just stunning adoption of iPad. I'm so proud to have joined the Apple family of products.
These products will be hot and I'll be buying them all. I'm jonesin for new Apple products to buy especially ones with new designs that stand out from the crowds.
I wish Apple had succeeded. Spotify is bad for consumers, bad for musicians, bad for experiencing hi-fidelity music. Mastered for iTunes is the best way to experience digital music.
  For someone you claim isn't what Apple is, Cook has played a very significant role in turning around the fortunes of the company working alongside Steve Jobs. I don't think it matters much that Cook isn't a product visionary in his role as CEO. What matters is he understands the corporate culture that has made the company so very successful. As long as he doesn't stifle innovation by putting cost control above the work Ive and others want to do in bringing new products...
What consumers really want is the iWork suite for Windows.
I love Sony products to be honest. This is sensible if it helps stems the losses and drives up margins so they can continue to operate in these markets. There are still many fo us who love Sony and will pay a premium for their products just as we do Apple.
I don't usually take investment advice from gossip sites but I have to say the evidence is quite compelling here. I'm tempted to put my life savings into AAPL because I can only see upside from here.
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