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I'm glad they did this. Apple is taking steps to protect their consumers from the underground community. Like others, I also don't believe this is real censorship.
This is deeply worrying news for consumers who are actively living in the iCloud.
Consumers don't need telling which is the best smartphone ever. They already know it is iPhone 4S.
This update blew me away in terms of efficiency and implementation. It truly is a great update for consumers.
Stunning update really.
Consumers don't want a half-baked iPad experience. Apple doesn't do half-baked experiences. This isn't going to happen. New iPad is perfect in every way and the price is unbeatable.
CS6 is a tremendous value for content producers. As someone has already pointed out before me, those using these tools usually pay for themselves with a couple days of work in a year. These powerful tools make it possible for you to earn a very good living. If you can't take advantage of these applications to make a very nice return on your investment, you probably shouldn't be looking at Creative Suite applications in the first place. 
This is bad news for consumers.
    Care to list any of those few reasons? I've played with Windows 8 a bit. I think it's a horrible mess of conflicting user interfaces. FYI I love Windows 7 and actually run it as the only OS on my iMac since Lion is such a POS in terms of stability and performance. 
How about a dedicated Apple TV channel? News, Product Guides and Reviews, Tutorials and Training Sessions, Live Keynotes, license independently produced shows such as MacBreak Weekly.
New Posts  All Forums: