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Yesterday someone suggested the Apple Canvas. I thought is sounded much better than any of the aforementioned names.
I still think the 'Holy Shit' moment will be when the UI is discovered to be a 3D interface without the requirement of glasses. Imagine navigating a 3D interface and navigating apps and playing games in 3D. THAT would be a pretty sweet leap in computing and entertainment.
I thought the reasoning was because the GPS chip didn't work well with a metal housing. If there's no GPS in the iSlate then it may very well be metal.
I thought I read that some TV manufacturers were designing 3-D televisions that don't require the glasses. If so, wouldn't it be sweet if this new iSlate had that polarized film on it? Imagine navigating around the UI when it looks like it's 10 inches deep into the glass.
I think you want Shades for Mac. Heath
I got the base 21.5" but returned it for the dedicated graphics. Simple things like switching between spaces and the genie effect on the dock weren't smooth like they should be. Now that I have the dedicated graphics everything runs smooth like butta. Paying $200 more for the bigger screen with the dedicated card is all good but then the same card is running higher resolution it won't run as smooth as the 21.5" (no testing done on this though, just conjecture). I'm...
Do you know people using the new 21.5" iMac? I'm thinking it may be a driver issue. I may just need to wait for an update to one of the virtualization softwares.
Remote Desktop Connection for Mac doesn't cut it since it doesn't support the TS Gateway settings
I can't seem to get ANY virtual machine to run for long before they begin to use 100% of one of my CPUs. I've tried VMWare Fusion, Parallels, and Virtual Box. All seem to eventually max my CPU and stop working or work VERY slowely. I have to resort to booting into my Boot Camp partition to work in Windows XP. I only need XP to use Remote Desktop Connection for remote connection to work. Does anyone know of a MAC client I can use for this, that supports Terminal...
I read a review that says the iPhone 3G S gets 1 hour of record time before it ends automatically. Simple enough to just hit record again though. Regards, Heath
New Posts  All Forums: