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It's worked at Schnucks for about a month and half now. They've been rolling out new card readers and the first thing I did was try Apple Pay and it worked even though it was not advertised. Now that it seems to be in all of the stores, they have big Apple Pay stickers on the door as you go in. I don't go to Deirbergs as much, but their rollout seems to be more recent. I think they also have stickers. It's pretty funny, but these two stores suddenly made Apple Pay way...
You forgot to mention my favorite part of this article.   When they had the information of the security expert verified by a Google engineer.   That's some grade A journalism.   "Hey, let's go talk to someone who works for their biggest competitor for their opinion on this..."   Also, something is up at Reuters. I follow their RSS feed as my main news source and they really really find a way to twist every single apple story that comes out of their publication into...
The consumer has spoken... Samsung had better put out a smaller screened phone or they are dead in the water.
Looks like it's a little chilly in your house. Would you like to buy some sweaters?
I would never buy a stock that doesn't seem to go up or down based on any actual real-world events.
This is like the 3rd year in a row we've seen these studies.
It would be an accessory. Not everything needs to be a revolution.
"There's only one company, benefitting from all the growth areas of the Internet %u2014 be it video, mobile, local, social, display advertising," one analyst said. "Apple has just done well in devices, nothing else." Couldn't you also say that Google has done well in advertising and nothing else? Couldn't you also say that Apple makes three times as much selling devices as Google does selling ads?
Wait... Ericcson is sueing Samsung? I though Apple was the only company on the entire planet who ever sued anyone for anything? ... and why aren't there headlines on every major news site about this Ericcson/Samsung trial? Shouldn't it be HUGE front page super exciting news like all patent litigation?
They are going to sell everyone's personal information there. Buy your neighbors last 25 searches for $14.99.
New Posts  All Forums: