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Well, that went well. Fumble fingered the reply button before I typed anything. Apparently fumble brain leakage.Excellent idea. Thanks. I am very pleased by the way the Griffin handles the cable. The Mophie has a channel for the cable, but it does not seem to be as robust as I expected in keeping the cable captured. Also, from time to time the charging head stays attached to the watch as I pull it off the stand. Not show stoppers by any means, but unexpected.
Unless I am mistaken, the Griffin stand will not accommodate the Milanese Loop band unless you remove the band from the watch. The Milanese Loop band is, well, a loop. It does not separate. From the pictures it appears a loop band will not allow a metallic loop band watch to properly engage the charging head. I am more than willing to be corrected on this. I formed this observation strictly from the pictures in the post.
It looks to me, from the pictures, that the Griffin stand will not accommodate the Milanese loop watch band. I have the Mophie stand and it does. The cable management on the Griffin one does look interesting.
Of course, we are all entitled to our own opinions. If I may offer my experiences as a counterpoint: I have had my Apple Watch since May 6. I have found that my iPhone 5S spends much more time in my pocket. I handle and respond to, what feels like, 50% of texts using the watch. The Siri feature works excellent to send or respond to texts, and the suggested responses often are quite sufficient. Another feature that gets more use than I expected is the "Speaker Watch". I'm...
Real life example: We have Nest thermostats. My wife is a violin teacher. The thermostat for the room where she teaches is about 10 meters away in a different room. Using her iPhone she can adjust the thermostat without getting up and leaving the room and, thus, interrupting the flow of instruction.
Data point: Status: Processing Items: Delivery 4/24 to 5/8, 42mm SS Milanese. Order confirmation received 9 minutes after launch.
My recollection is that is was Cingular. Actually, it's still Cingular. They bought AT&T and changed their name.
OMG! That apartment community is about a block from MegaWatt Computers! The used Mac Mecca here in Tulsa! 
Yes, much of the popular wisdom echos your sentiment. I really don't know what the Apple Watch will do. Does anyone? But, I remember when Microsoft had the funeral for the iPhone. By then the potential of the iPhone was starting to show. And, as you pointed out, this is the first generation. I keep seeing parallels with the iPhone. Perhaps I should ask forgiveness for that. But, it rings loud in my mind. I am still struck by the word "watch." Just like the iPhone, everyone...
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