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Yes, much of the popular wisdom echos your sentiment. I really don't know what the Apple Watch will do. Does anyone? But, I remember when Microsoft had the funeral for the iPhone. By then the potential of the iPhone was starting to show. And, as you pointed out, this is the first generation. I keep seeing parallels with the iPhone. Perhaps I should ask forgiveness for that. But, it rings loud in my mind. I am still struck by the word "watch." Just like the iPhone, everyone...
I assume you're talking about the Apple Watch in general. I disagree. I was there when the iPhone was introduced. It was a bit difficult to grasp that the iPhone was actually a computer that could also make phone calls. Now, the Apple Watch is a computer that also tells time. I believe that the Apple Watch will follow the same trajectory as the iPhone did after introduction. We really don't know it's full potential. But, unlike the iPhone, software developemnt for the...
A bit off topic, but your comment led me to google "non-invasive blood sugar testing." This, as probably expected, seems to have a lot of activity and some promising technologies. I would not be surprised to see this type of testing appearing in wearables. I would definitely be very interested.
As I see it, for every incremental increase in battery capacity, we will see incremental increases in functionality of portable devices as in, "We just increased the battery capacity 20% in the same physical size! We can now power a display twice the resolution as before. Oh, and yes, you will still have to charge it overnight."
Ordered. 42mm Apple Watch, Milanese loop, delivery 4/24-5/8.
So far, only 9 have been returned...
Ah, but shall we ponder, for a moment, why a professional investment analyst felt the need to write an article stating the obvious to his professional investment clients?
Yes, but this data is not gathered by Apple. It is gathered by you using Apple devices.
As anantksundaram asked, "What about them?" I don't believe they apply to data you gather about yourself and subsequently record whether this recording is done an a piece of paper or on an electronic device. If you choose to share your data, that's a decision you can make--post it on facebook if you wish.
New Posts  All Forums: