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I tend to disagree with your conclusion. The idea of "unsubsidized" phones on T-Mobile is mostly semantics. T-Mobile simply unbundled the phone cost and the service cost. You can still walk into a T-Mobile store and make a modest down payment on a phone and they will give you a loan for the balance. All the other carriers just didn't call it a loan. I haven't personally run the numbers but it would seem that over the long run this will cost you less than a similar plan...
It seems to me that being first into a market that Apple enters later is often a less than optimum decision. If I recall correctly, Apple did not make the first laptop or portable computer, Apple did not make the first portable music player, Apple did not make the first smart phone, nor did they make the first tablet. And, they did not make the first smart watch...
Perhaps we should re-consider what exactly is a "Reality Distortion Field," who is creating them, and who is currently living in them...
After watching the ad the thought entered my mind that the competition doesn't even know they've been clobbered, much less how it happened. I was truly struck with how much Apple's competition doesn't get that this is about communication, not about chipsets, operating systems, megahertz, megabytes, and pixel depth.
  I have to agree. I have Microsoft Sync in my Mercury. Let me give you ONE simple example. If I have the Weather Map feature displaying in the dash, and I'm not moving (say, a red light, or a parking lot), and my location is no longer in the center (the map does not move, your icon moves...), then to recenter the icon in the map, I just touch the map at the spot where I want the map to center. If, on the other hand, I'm in motion, to recenter the map, I must touch...
  Awww. C'mon. I rode one. Segways are really cool.
We use AppleTV exclusively for streaming to TV sets. Have two AppleTV's. Totally disconnected the entertainment portion of the cable--now just Internet. We stream about half and half iTunes and Netflix. Cutting the cable saves us over $100 per month.   Note to cable companies: Your entertainment business model and pricing don't make sense for us anymore.
This happened to me. Found the problem. Was my fault. You should read those pesky little dialogs that pop up asking permission to use your location. That's not always what they ask. Sometimes they ask if you would like to switch search providers. You get so used to them that you just touch "Ok".
Regarding the Mac Pro power supply: In the picture at apple.com, the back panel has a standar 3-pin AC recepticle.   See here: http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/
Build 12E55. Downloaded and installed no problem. 15:15 CDT.
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