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I'm not much of a gamer, but, I can see a continuation of desktop gaming. The primary reason, to me, is that desktop gaming allows for larger screens and seriously loud sounds. I believe many gamers enjoy the expansive visuals on large screens and the thundering vibrations of a good sub-woofer. Now, if someone builds a cool "Game Dock" for mobile devices...
I agree. If we take Mr. Chen's metaphor a bit further: Yes, the carriers are a bit like the railways of the past and have the tracks. But, Mr. Chen seems to lack a fundamental understanding that on these tracks are railcars. These are standard railcars. What goes into these railcars is strictly the business of the shipper and the receiver and not Mr. Chen or anyone else.
I have owned MS Sync in a Ford product since 2009. There are no words in any language to describe what a convoluted, unusable, and downright dangerous piece of software I consider it to be.   Quick example: It has a weathermap feature. If you drive for a while, your position becomes off-center (who thought that up?). If you stop you can repostion the center of the map by touching the map at the spot you want centered--one touch. If, on the other hand, you are in motion,...
I do hope that was sarcasm. I live in Dallas and there at least five BOSE stores and outlets near me. 
I went to the Apple Store on Saturday. The iPhone 6Plus fits in my shirt pocket. I will be getting the 6Plus. My iPhone spends almost all it's time on a desktop or other flat surface and only goes in my pocket when going somewhere. So, the 6Plus will work out fine. Like numerous other posters, I take a lot of pictures and the image stabilization is important.
It has been my experience that unlocked phones are not available at launch either online or in the stores. They do become available after the first six to eight weeks. Last year, for a 5S, when the unlocked T-Mobile phones became available, I ordered one and took it to the AT&T store and they changed out the SIM and put it on my account with my phone number. This year, I noticed that the unlocked (Contract-free) T-Mobile models are available for pre-order here in the USA...
 Thanks, John.B. This is typical of what I receive. I would have included a pic in my post, but I always delete them.
I received them. They come fairly seldom--like every two months or so. None lately. The ones I received were trying to sell me Ray-Ban sunglasses. I can't tell you if they came to my phone number or an email.
There was a time before GPS... This type of navigation, using accelerometers, is called Inertial Navigation System (INS). It's been in use on aircraft for decades. Using it on modern hand held devices is cool. Should have seen this coming.
Thanks for writing. You may have missed my point. Allow me to respond: 1. If battery technology has progressed that much in 7 years, then a phone should last at least a month between charges.2. The attitude toward paying customers has not changed. Samsung still ships spare batteries and makes their phones so that you must carry a spare charged battery to make it through the day. My observation, from my own use, and reading the posts here, is that a fully charged iPhone...
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