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We use AppleTV exclusively for streaming to TV sets. Have two AppleTV's. Totally disconnected the entertainment portion of the cable--now just Internet. We stream about half and half iTunes and Netflix. Cutting the cable saves us over $100 per month.   Note to cable companies: Your entertainment business model and pricing don't make sense for us anymore.
This happened to me. Found the problem. Was my fault. You should read those pesky little dialogs that pop up asking permission to use your location. That's not always what they ask. Sometimes they ask if you would like to switch search providers. You get so used to them that you just touch "Ok".
Regarding the Mac Pro power supply: In the picture at apple.com, the back panel has a standar 3-pin AC recepticle.   See here: http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/
Build 12E55. Downloaded and installed no problem. 15:15 CDT.
If I may carry this a bit further, I recall Apple having an aversion to cables. I would expect everything to be in the tv set: Apple TV, tuner/cable, a good sized audio amp including an AV type device, multiple HMDI connections, wifi, and good front speakers (I just don't see a separate sound bar as part of the deal. Put that functionality in the TV and reduce the number of boxes). Couple that with a single UI remote.   You buy one box, it has two things: TV and Remote....
Rumpy, I stood in line for the 3GS. But, really, I went to the Shops at Willow Bend. Inside. Airconditioned. No rain. Five hours. Bunch of nice folks. Would I do it again? Not really.
HI, SpamSandwich. You're quote seems to deal more with how rather than why.   I can't quote a reference, I'm just going from memory, but my recollection of why corporations exist was to preserve the business after the founder died. Before corporations, the founder owned the company and everything about it. When this person died, his associates (if any) and especially his family, stood to lose everything. But, with the invention of corporations, the business could...
With the usual disclaimers about not being a lawyer, I have to disagree with your assertion that this is BS. While I'm not a large business, my personal experience, and in speaking with my lawyer, and other lawyers, is that judges routinely require that some form of mediation be attempted before going to trial or hearing. My experience is further that this is a good idea. A courtroom does not provide a way for the parties to actually talk about the problems. A courtroom...
Let's also remember that you can see Alaska from Russia. I'm not going to comment on whether I like or dislike Ms. Palin, but I have been to Alaska and we in the lower 48 are not really well informed on the Russian influence and culture there. Likewise, a person who grew up in Alaska may not realize the dearth of knowledge we lower 48 types possess regarding where the people there came from. During my trip I saw many structures (mostly churches) that had clear Russian...
Yes, but the new higher resolution of the retina display allows for the inclusion of the new setting, "12,'" in the same space that Apple's competitors can still only go to "10!"
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