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 Hey don't talk bad about Doritos.  Love 'em.
The jokes on this thread are so funny, and you can imagine the designers laughing so hard about these and others, that they can't even get the project started.   Tim: Jony how's it going?   Jony: Every time we try it we break into such uncontrollable laughter we can't continue.
I was hooked on Clash of Clans for about a year. The little village looks great.  Each little item has a beautiful icon as it goes from level 1 to level 10 or more.    The attacking is very well balanced.  Each little character has strengths and weaknesses.  They've done well in balancing the battles such that you can never fall back to doing just one thing and expecting it to always work.   I mow my lawn in 90 minutes and rarely stop, even in 95 deg heat I don't...
 Best Post Ever.  Absolutely love it. One (joking) correction at the very end: USB-CAt least two USB-C ports. Thanks for the great post.  Have a great weekend.
Thanks all who let a "Photos" sub-thread slip into this O/S thread, and provided some great advice.  The best part was learning that iPhoto -> Photos isn't immediately mandatory. I'll study what all have said and I appreciate the effort to respond.
This post is mostly off-topic (O/S upgrades), but I'm still too terrified to update my Yosemete which will replace my iPhoto with Photos.   I understand that my entire library (35,000 pix) will get dumped into a single album and just be there; hard to interact with, etc. etc.   Does anyone have a brown paper bag I can breathe into and calm down? I know Photos is supposed to unify the Events/Albums into a single iOS-style construct, but I'm an iPhoto-Event...
Someone posted Honda's CarPlay would be available on the Accord's "highest trim levels", which I both understand and don't-understand.   When heated seats were invented, it was probably luxury cars only, highest trim levels.   Now they're in my Subaru.  So I get it that things start out premium, and then trickle down.   The other side has merit to me though. Honda Odyssey minivan recently invented/offered an on-board vaccuum.  Great for families with kids. ...
 What a fantastic point this is. When they make the first working brain-implant, the haters will say, "But aren't they a phone company?"Love the J. Mozz.
 I'm trying to be objective about this, but it's really hard.On the one hand, we don't object (generally), to a judge-approved warrant to tap a telephone, or a stake-out where zoom lens cameras are used to watch crimes inside private cars, or through windows (of private buildings). From THAT point of view, I can see the capability the gov't is asking for, to cover the case where they DO have a legit warrant, and the person with the tech STILL says No.  They want the...
 Yeah we've been super-foolish hanging onto 4S's this long. We almost went with 6 but delayed too long (lazy) and now it's too close to September.
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