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Quote: That would be a GREAT little "watch" face.  No data, no time, no complications.Just those offset, nested red circle-glows of HAL, and the metal trim ring (not the rectangle though). That ALONE would be worth $75 of the overall purchase price of the watch. Oops.  I bet I tripped some major nerd-detectors there.  Love those movies (I love 2010 also.  Oops, another trip...). Heh heh.
Hah!  I editted for that typo, but too slow!
 That is so funny.  Did anyone see that the design team spent over a year on what the watch buzzes should feel like? What does a text "feel" like?  What does a phonecall "feel" like?  "Less metallic feeling!"  "More organic feeling!"     [Side comment:  Our 2009 Al Macbook (not Pro) has the glass trackpad.  I read they worked 3 months on just the texture].So you pick up a chess piece that's a bad move and get a tiny Zap:  BZZZT! Then pick up a better piece and get a soft...
 No worries at all about this.  After a short while in SpaceShip Campus, Tim Cook and the senior leadership team will evolve into Pure Energy. They won't need space then.
 With respect since we all know this:  "...there may have been a better chance of a better/longer outcome...." Not trying to throw my comment in your face, but Cancer is relentless, and earlier detection, advanced treatments, greatly increase your "chances".
 The new SpaceShip campus must be the exit from the Tunnel from Area 51 so the ship can take off without anyone noticing. Thus the 6000 trees on campus.
It's all they have left without understanding two phrases:   Overall User Experience Total Lifetime Cost of Ownership.
These watches are go great.  I was really wrong in thinking the Milanese Loop would be the most expensive (non-gold) one.  It looks so elegant with the "moving parts" etc etc.  I see now it's an extruded woven wire essentially.  There are likely many many less processing steps than the links, but anyway.    Funny:  Picture this made-up heart-attack scenario (that would never happen): Imagine the ease and convenience of buying a $0.99 App in the App-Store, while signed...
A cheap supercar is a 7th-gen Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with the Z07 track package:  About $100,000, supercar performance. The 650hp and 650lb-ft of Torque is a performance bargain.   A supercar is a Ferarri or Lambo:  $250,000 to $400,000 ish (think 458 Speciale for Ferarri, or Aventador for Lambo).   Christian von Keonigsegg calls his cars "HyperCars" in his videos:  Think Pagani & Koenigsegg.  $Millions.   I've been a car fan for a long time (while driving a pickup,...
Watch bands today are held on by those spring loaded posts.  No different than toilet paper.  TOILET PAPER. I still remember seeing the AppleWatch bands go on and off during the keynote.  Subtle, genius, game-changing, Apple. I remember looking up and, while imagining all the watch makers throughout history before me, thinking: "You guys had CENTURIES to think of this!" I cant wait, but I'm already getting spooked by the potential stainless price. Plus, I fear the real...
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