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Is it too soon to ask about Min-Sys-Reqts to run Yosemite?   I was pleasantly surprised when our early-2009 Al-Macbook (the 6-month window of Aluminum-but-not-Pro [no sD slot]), could run Mavericks.  Core 2 Duo.   I'm imagining it will be (fairly) cut off from Yosemite.   How about a late 2009 27" iMac (the first 27", core i7).  That should get Yosemite, yes?
 What would Apple charge to install an A8 chip directly into my brain? $79?Better get the AppleCare with the install:  $1,000,000.
 This would be awesome.  I'd make this the new "First Ammendment", and bump all the others down one.   I guess that would be confusing. Something 1000x-more-likely, but still impossible:  Congressional Term Limits.
 I left my iPhone 4S outside on the table on our Deck (the phone was my grill-timer).  Left it overnight and it rained. Water was threatening entry into the headphone jack (couldn't tell). A drop was covering the home button and surrounding area (finger-oil and tight tolerances I think kept it out). The camera lens was fogged up on the inside. I was resigned to no more pictures, and accepted my own blame. By midday the camera lens un-fogged itself and it's been fine ever...
I agree with everything you're saying here.  Instead of "forcing" Apple to do something, it might be more accurate to say, "If Samsung gets this to work, it might add to the body of knowledge on Mobile Security, which is good for everyone." F Samsung by the way.
I know this isn't a support forum, so please ignore if it shouldn't be here, but my Contacts keep disappearing from my 4S using iOS7.  All disappear except 3 or 4 (perhaps ones MADE on the phone itself?). I don't need contacts every minute so it's minor annoyance, so I let it drag on sometimes.    Sometimes they re-appear on their own (WiFi Sync from iCloud while at home, perhaps involving iMac, I think). Sometimes I dig deep into my phone's Settings "looking" for...
The part that burns me the most is the phone icon. Same color, same handset, same angle. Couldn't they have AT LEAST used a little circle with holes for an skeuomorphic dialer, or a old-style phone shape, or even a tiny "phone" shape with a little antenna sticking out of the top right (like a candy-bar phone?).   Or even a different color for it?   Or even a different location?   That green phone icon in the same spot is what makes it totally shameless.   One...
It's small enough to easily fit down any Chimney.   Here's hoping Santa accidently drops one down ours! Merry Christmas all.
I suppose this is sort of a reply to the "iSheep buy iCrap" comment, but it's a meaningful summary of the apple experience. We bought the $99 airport express last night.  Our old-timer Linksys WRT54G (missing a letter in there I think), has just about had it.   The little airport express is in a tiny box of course, with a great little cardboard thing providing a little "Voila!" experience (remember W. Mossberg saying that Steve showed him early-release products...
This all comes down to trust.   An article came out about Nordstroms watching people's wireless-IDs as they walked through the store, JUST to see where people clustered, what displays attracted attention, which ones were ignored, etc.  [What used to be a paid position by real people btw].   Didn't like it.   Apple does somewhat-similar stuff. Like it. Trust.
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