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 I'm 43 and when I was young my Dad had an IBM-Select(something, tract?) II typewriter.  It may have been $700 or something.  Built like a tank, and awesome for what it was. This week I went to my local town hall to remove a vehicle that I sold from the tax rolls, and saw one on a file cabinet in the corner.  Some offices kept that last one around for that final form with the carbon copies that needed the Impact that a typewriter gave. No longer.  Just sitting there. ...
 MMMmmmmmm, Animaaaal Styyyylllle.
 THIS, is genius.  Common sense maybe, but genius nonetheless.  I wonder if this capability exists through the 4-digit password.  My seven year could get one, my 5 year old could get one, and the parents get one.  Apps shown for each.
 I think people are failing to realize that Apple has revolutionized the pro computer. The future is that the "desktop PC" is the brain, and you stick on attachments from the outside, with no loss of performance, as needed.Why did you need that huge internal volume with all those slots?  Because you needed a fast internal-bus to stick cards into.  Connecting from the outside was too slow. If there's no loss of performance to hang a drive or accessory on the outside, then...
 The following is total absurdity that physics won't allow, but wouldn't it be fun if two connectors meant you could charge it twice as fast with two cables? Heh heh. Fun.
 I was 100%-sold on my breaking-and-entering analogy rant, but I *am* guilty of not noticing the civil vs criminal court-actions etc etc. Some over-reaction by me?  Maybe.  But the "don't be evil" company deserves some heavy-handedness, I think.
 So it's OK to break into someone's house by stuffing paper towels in the door-jam-locks so that when the "user" locks the door, it doesn't lock; unknown to them. Then you can rummage around inside the house to your hearts content. No harm done.
 I felt the same way, and even vowed that no "MS horse-**** would ever run in my house again".  We've been 100% Mac since '05 or '06.  iBook G4 started it.But one needs to log into work from home, which is super useful on school snow days etc, so RDC.  I don't know the version # off the top of my head, but it works well.  Of course there's an error-message to be ignored every single time I use it (it wouldn't be MS without those), but overall it's fine. It actually gets...
When I saw the orange-clothes in the Thumbnail image it reminded me of prison-garb, which all thieves should wear. Good choice.   Speaking of Orange, it's always been an "Apples to Oranges" comparison (hey I'm good today) to compare 96 different flavors of Android, many years-old and obsolete, that don't even all run the same stuff, against essentially 1 (or 2 or 3) version of iOS in a championship pedigree that can largely run (mostly-)all the same Apps. No shame,...
 Remember the HILARIOUS pricing model Steve Jobs showed on that slide that time?  With the 7 different Windows (?Vista?) prices from home basic through Platinum Ultra or whatever it was called?Side by side with $129 for all 7 "variants" of OS X? And Steve Jobs said, "I think everyone's going to go for the Platinum", (in reference to which "variant" of OS X people would get). Insanely great. Miss Steve.
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