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This is completely off topic, and a little absurd.   Leaving aside all logic, imagine a Gold digital crown could be ordered installed on an Aluminum or Stainless Steel model.   One would have a little touch of bling, but not $10,000 worth.   Nahhh.  Bad idea I guess.   It just popped into my head while looking at the watch picture in this article.   "What if someone just wanted a gold crown......"
 I feel this way too, that "we do it to ourselves". Flying commercial aviation is a pretty lousy experience as you all know.  Ever more-cramped seats, fees for everything, etc etc. Yet "we", and myself included, buy plane tickets based on a $2 difference in price. Where were the consumers (or myself) who said, "I use airline-X.  It's $75 more, but they treat you like human beings and that matters". Nope.  I helped create the problem by telling the airlines that lowest...
 Boy that's nutty.  Ever see the graphic that macdailynews puts up all the time with the "Android phones before iPhone", and "Android phones after iPhone"?  The one that shows the blatant rip-off of the touchscreen/UI/icons?Why would Steve be willing to go "Thermonuclear War" and spend "all of Apple's $40Bil to right this wrong" of the blatant theft that Eric Schmidt perpetrated from sitting on Apple's board, if no harm was done? So let's say you personally invent...
My thought is that Tim believes what Steve said, "A great product is its own reward."   With a few personal causes the exception (where he exerts influence), I think Tim is happy to sit back with a quiet smile and let the products be influential.
Wow NetMage beat me by literally seconds on this:   My joking thought was "this is why they worked so hard to get Mickey Mouse's movements in perfect sync across different watches".   Heh heh.   Tough call on such wasteful spending.  To me it's all about %ages. Maybe his family has given $10-Billion to help others, so the few million they blow doesn't impact that, and they'd still be considered hero's. Or they won't help anyone ever and they're thought to be "bad...
Quote: That would be a GREAT little "watch" face.  No data, no time, no complications.Just those offset, nested red circle-glows of HAL, and the metal trim ring (not the rectangle though). That ALONE would be worth $75 of the overall purchase price of the watch. Oops.  I bet I tripped some major nerd-detectors there.  Love those movies (I love 2010 also.  Oops, another trip...). Heh heh.
Hah!  I editted for that typo, but too slow!
 That is so funny.  Did anyone see that the design team spent over a year on what the watch buzzes should feel like? What does a text "feel" like?  What does a phonecall "feel" like?  "Less metallic feeling!"  "More organic feeling!"     [Side comment:  Our 2009 Al Macbook (not Pro) has the glass trackpad.  I read they worked 3 months on just the texture].So you pick up a chess piece that's a bad move and get a tiny Zap:  BZZZT! Then pick up a better piece and get a soft...
 No worries at all about this.  After a short while in SpaceShip Campus, Tim Cook and the senior leadership team will evolve into Pure Energy. They won't need space then.
 With respect since we all know this:  "...there may have been a better chance of a better/longer outcome...." Not trying to throw my comment in your face, but Cancer is relentless, and earlier detection, advanced treatments, greatly increase your "chances".
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