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The Big A!
What so they want? Everyone to buy IBM PCs running Windows 95? That would ensure that they could spy on everyone, and would make the Internet useless for everyone but hackers, malware writers and scammers. Alternatively, they could support the closing up of the obvious flaws in the HTTP protocol that allows people to post information onto the Internet without verifiable identifying information. If information is stored on the Internet, or transmitted through the Internet,...
Heaven forbid that PCs running old versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems should be phased out, or prevented from accessing the Internet! What would the spies, spooks, hackers, malware writers, spammers, security software companies and IT technicians do for a living?
The IT industry is a fascinating beast chock full of logical contradictions. Take these two points for example.   Point 1 : the vast majority of consumers and commentators in the IT industry seem to have the belief that "cheap is better, and free is best". But for a manufacturer to appeal to these people, they must reduce margins, cut product quality, reduce product support and cut R&D. Hence, Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Dell and Google are the goodies, and Apple is the...
I think this sort of competition is an excellent idea. It may get people who would normally use these exploits to steal money and identities from a trusting browser user, to use their undoubted skills to expose these exploits publicly. I would actually like to see the prize money being raised, and paid for by the companies whose browsers are successfully compromised.
After I installed the 10.10.1 Yosemite update on a brand new iMac, I started getting beachballs during basic Finder operations, and that is on a machine with 16GB memory!   The beachballs disappeared immediately I quit DropBox. I do not know the cause of the incompatibility between DropBox and Yosemite, but I will not restart DropBox until Apple and/or DropBox get on the same page over this issue.
One of the great benefits of the iPad is that it makes computers accessible to a vast number of people who were excluded by the complexity of the types of hardware and software developed to suit only the needs of business and IT professionals, and allowed the malware industry to flourish for decades. It would be a tragedy, and I really mean that, if the needs of business and IT professionals was to overtake the needs of ordinary people and once again exclude them from...
I wonder how Google are going at preventing malware authors and their criminal customers from taking advantage of the design flaws in various Android OS releases?
How terrible for Apple to cut the malware authors out of their ever growing profit stream. Surely Google, Microsoft and Samsung should take them to court for restriction of trade on behalf of their silent business partners!
If the average programmer was much more focussed on the functional aspects of what they are writing rather than whether they have put the requisite number of semicolons or curly brackets in the right place, then perhaps I might rate them as being 'intelligent'! The big problem with programmers is that they have become so focussed on the technology of writing programs that they have lost the capacity to communicate with the people who have a functional problem to solve and...
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