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Am I the only 1 to recognise the missing laptop from the current line up!? "It's therefore unclear at this time wether the device will be marketed under the MacBook Pro brand or arrive as an extension of the MacBook Air line." .... How about... er, duh, it being the new "Macbook" !!??? doesn't take a genius....
honest to god, i dont think ive ever posted on here before (but been reading and registered for years). whats with most of you lot? bash bash bash bash bash. i bought an ipad on day 1 (and have a macbook and iphone) but just sold it knowing theres a new one bound out shortly. can you not admit that the ios format is getting a bit old? yes the new android os is 'flashy' and childlike perhaps? but it looks cool.. tbh im insanely bored of the ios format now and want a...
That's what I thought!!ha
Damn.... I'll be waiting 4eva!!ha. Ah well, worth a shot
Just got my phone today, and it's got a bit of dried glue around the home button... D-E-V-O-S-T-A-T-E-D!! ...wouldn't mind if it wasn't for the cost of it all - do I get a prize for the first reported issue?lol
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