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I use Waterfield Designs' medium-sized Cosmo bag with a Sleevecase for the MBP and a Sleevecase for the iPad. (They even make a Sleevecase for the iPad if you keep it in the Apple case.) Plenty of room for accessories as well. And, for good measure, I have an iPhone Smart Case attached to the shoulder strap for my iPhone 4.
Yes, I can track my phone, it's sitting at a FedEx hub in New Jersey right now. And my card has been charged.
Same here, 64GB model, ordered at 9:21 AM PDT on the 12th.However, the accessories in the same order are still listed as "Not yet shipped".
I assume you meant that you don't want to see the notebooks go to 16:9 displays. All Apple's notebooks currently use 16:10 displays.
Umm... The image in the original post shows that it's YouTube that is no longer supporting Mac IE. Microsoft dropped support for it years ago.
My company will be getting one. We develop iPhone applications and have already begun updating them for the iPad. We're also working on several new apps that will be universal from the get go. I'll probably get one for my personal use as well.
Universal applications were in Beta 2. Anyway, Apple has pulled Beta 3; it's no longer online.
It's the path bar. In the View menu, choose "Show Path Bar".
Option click on the button works.
You need to update your iPhone/iPod touch to the 3.1 firmware.
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