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when did Appleinsider change their name to Apple Blog Regurgitater?
This is an utterly boring development. Another sign of the terrible lack of innovation coming from the telcos such as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, etc.
"Plausible" how? How will apps scale to a larger screen without needing to be re-written? "Likely" how? Likely as in, they've refused to make a larger iPhone in 5 years, with absolutely no detrimental effect on sales? So now all of a sudden they're gonna make it bigger?
Gruber isn't an analyst, people. He's a blogger.
WOW. This is absolutely shocking. Apple has no plans to release a new product at 1) a convention they stopped attending 2 years ago, or 2) a convention they never attended in the first place. Given the overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to Apple releasing products at tightly-controlled events they host in-house, this news is indeed shocking. On a serious note - has DigiTimes ever been right about anything? Aside from stuff that is completely obvious, like the next...
Airplay speakers already work with Apple TV.
You, and many others, are falling for the rumors. No matter what Apple releases as far as fully-integrated TV sets (be it 32" or whatever) they will also continue to sell the $99 ATV box. Expecting the whole world to go out and buy a new TV set is not a way to gain traction. Maybe they will sell the $99 ATV box and a 32" integrated set until they can bring prices down / sizes up.
everyone is quick to shoot down these analyst notes, and usually it's fair to do so. However, as these things go, this report is probably as realistic as possible. Maybe there won't be 3 separate iPads (3, 2S, 2) but the approach is very "Apple" where they keep older models on hand for a lower price to attack the low-end market. Nobody has a crystal ball into Apple's plans, but this analysis is a lot more likely to pan out than, for example, a 7" iPad.
I agree the stock is completely undervalued, as the article points out again, and again, and again. And as anyone who is so inclined can see for themselves if they analyzed Apple's 10q/k's (tip of the hat to Andy for doing the extensive amount of legwork, though). I'd be much more interested in a discussion of just WHY apple is so undervalued and why the CNBC-types are so useless (the story that iPod sales are slowing is a tragic miscarriage of journalism and the...
semantics aside, he's referring to total cash flow, which includes financing activities.
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