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Not sure what you mean by "looks like sprawl", but there is transit.  The Component VTA stop is easy walking distance to this site.
I agree, but I think it's unlikely they will be doing manufacturing at that site.  The two buildings shown in the rendering in the AI article are almost fully built (I cycle past them on my way to work every day), and they are clearly office buildings.I know Tesla are doing car manufacturing in the Bay Area, but I think that's more because they got a stellar deal on an already constructed auto factory.  I can't see Apple building an auto factory from scratch in the Bay Area.
Oh, absolutely I agree. The problem is, almost everyone things government should be limited, but nobody will agree what the limits should be! I'm not really interested in the spending side of the argument here though, just the revenue.  Once you agree that government should do something (and I think we both agree that it does have to do something), the question then is how do you pay for it, and how do you make the payment of that fair? Paying for it through taxes seems to...
Well that's really a different discussion.  Unless you're advocating for zero government (and I concede that some people do), however much government you have has to be paid for somehow, and the way it is paid for needs to be fair and balanced.Right at the moment, I'm not convinced the way government is paid for is fair.
I think that's a reason why it wouldn't happen in the US for sure.  The political clout rich people can bring to bear here is amazing. In Europe however, it might be different.  The political system is less easily "bought" in most EU countries.  The hurdle there is that moving towards a tax system primarily based on consumption taxes would require tax harmonization across the EU nation states, and there seems to be little appetite for that at the moment. Something needs to...
I'm not sure I get how this can be retrospective, but at the same time, there are very real problems with corporate tax laws, that allow companies that do a significant amount of business internationally, to work their tax affairs in a way that seems unfair. I think there will come a time when corporate tax will have to move towards zero as a result of this being almost impossible to resolve, and the majority of taxation will need to come from consumption tax (i.e. Value...
HSBC finally manage to add it, just as I quit them and move my accounts to another bank. Mostly because HSBC in the US are generally awful, but the lack of Apple Pay played a part in the decision. Agree with pmz generally here though. The number of retailers doesn't seem to be ramping all that quickly, though I guess once pretty much everyone has it as an option, because all the banks are online, there will be a stronger argument for the retailers to implement it.
Hi everyone;   Over the past couple of days, I've had my 15" retina MBP crash three times, two times it just went black screen, then rebooted (and said, your Mac restarted because of an error, do you want to re-open stuff that was open before), but the third time it displayed the, "your mac has shutdown because of a problem, hold the power button to restart it" message, and that time when it started up it had the option to submit an error report to Apple. The error...
Once you've enabled it (which I have been able to in San Jose, CA), how do you know if a call has been routed through WiFi or through the cell network?
This has got trouble written all over it when my wife realizes that every afternoon at 4:30 the phone asks if I'm going to the pub.
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