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I'm worried about that too.  I've had a couple of Geeks assigned to testing all our tools on Windows 10 to see if people upgrading is going to be a disaster or not. Aside from that though, the little I've seen of it, Windows 10 does seem pretty nice, especially with one of those tablets with the removable keyboard. Not even close to interesting enough to make me consider using one, but I could see how it will keep people from considering moving to Apple from Windows.
And still no HSBC support in the US. Bastards.
Car Play seems to do this already.  It certainly guesses that I might be going to work or home.   I really like it.  I've got two routes to work which are almost exactly the same distance, and which one is fastest is entirely dependent on the traffic conditions that day.  This works it out for me.
These have been my favorite Apple adverts for a while.  All of the ones I've seen look stunning - it's amazing a phone can do that.
I totally agree.  Sadly, tech reporting in all of the mainstream press is poor (though much of the specialist press isn't much better either).
It does seem weird that the more channels they have, the less music they seem to play. MTV used to be awesome.  The only non-music thing was "The Real World", and even that was pretty cool, because it was different to what anyone else was showing.
I miss the days when it was Music Television.
According to the Wikipedia article, 8.3m people watched it last year.  It looks like it's been viewed by between 8 and 10 million for quite a while.  I was surprised - I thought the viewership of things like that would have been gradually declining over time. Seems like quite a smart good cross-promotion between MTV and Apple.
I generally use the Apple Discussion Forum - it's rare that I've not been able to solve a problem using that. It's infrequent that I've needed to try and use the Genuis Bar, but like I say, the times I have it's just been a zoo.  It's fundamentally a good thing from Apples standpoint (when I switched to Apple stuff 10 years ago you didn't have much bother getting help!), but at the same time, it doesn't feel like they are scaling with demand in the stores, and that's...
Glad you had such a good experience.I didn't.
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