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Fair enough, iFixit gambled and lost. They knew it was a gamble and seem to have taken it the right way.
If they did that, then my interest in it would spike massively. Tag can be hit and miss (I find some of them far too "fussy"), but some of them look fantastic. Good luck to them.
Yeah, me too. For all the excitement around the iPhone and the Watch and the shiny new stuff, the Mac is still by far my favorite Apple product.  If I was forced, I could cope with an Android phone, I can watch Netflix and stuff like that through the PS4, and I prefer my mechanical watch over the Apple Watch, but I could never switch back to Windows. Mac OS upgrades always have some genuinely unexpected updates that make things just that little bit easier for you, and they...
Yeah, I'm about the same.  The transit update is great, and will get me away from Google Maps that little bit more, but I'm looking forwards to Apple adding bike routes (which I assume they will at some point in the future), and that will be pretty much the end of Google Maps for me. Actually, Apple could steal a march over Google if/when they implement cycling.  I think it would be cool if you could have a hybrid cycle/public transit route map.  For example, if I were to...
Oh, cool.  I got the impression from Cash957's original post that he'd installed the version that I had, but obviously not.That's a relief.
I like the way they have implemented transit on the Maps app.  That was by far the biggest thing that was keeping me on Google Maps, and it looks like Apple have done the implementation well (at least in the Bay Area).  I'm happy about that.   Hope it's not a battery hog.  I didn't realize this was beta software (do they normally release beta software through the usual software update option in Settings?) and probably would have waited to install if I had.
That would definitely be a step in the direction of me ditching DirecTV. I want true a la carte TV.  It sucks that I partially pay for The History Channel, even though I literally never watch it.  I'm not that fussed about saving much money, I'd just rather the money I spend goes on what I watch, rather than a whole load of bullshit.
Couple of hundred bucks. I'm paying about $1200 a year for DirecTV.  If I could get Giants for $200, Sharks for another $200, and Formula 1 for another $200, with $100 a year for Netflix, I'm still winning.
This looks like a nice enough upgrade, but not groundbreaking until we see what app developers will do.  iPhone wasn't even a tenth the device it was to become until the App Store came along and cool apps came out. What I really, really want is for geofencing to stop on the sports apps.  The MLB app will be cool (as it is on the iPhone/iPad), but it sucks that I can't watch Giants games, because I'm geo-blocked.  I'd drop DirecTV in a heartbeat if I could get Giants...
I agree that this will be big for enterprise. I can already see me ditching my Macbook Pro in favor of this at the office.
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