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My Breitlings major functionality is telling the time.  It's minor function is telling me the date.  It does **** all else, but I was happy to pay $4,500 for it. As Oscar Wilde so accurately said, "a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing".
Will be interested to see how they execute it, but this could be a really neat idea. Amazon have done some nice hardware. Fire TV is a nice piece of kit for the money, Fire Phone while not an iPhone competitor really was nicely built and if iterated nicely could become a really nice device (and the build quality of it is really nice).
 I didn't know that about CVS.  Madness. Here's an example of where the free market just doesn't work all that well.  Standardization is needed here.  Getting rid of physical credit cards would have a ton of benefits to end users, but they aren't people that matter.  The only people that matter are stores and their determination to harvest our data.
I agree with you.  I know things are possibly different in the Bay Area than elsewhere, but iPads with Square credit card scanners seem to be popping up as POS devices all over the place. If Apple had put the NFC antennas in the new iPad they'd have destroyed Square, but more importantly increased the ease with which small stores could offer Apple Pay. It seems slightly short sighted to me.
I'm struggling to find anything on this one anywhere on either apple.com or the internet generally but I'm seeing a weird problem with Messages since I upgraded to Yosemite.   I can send photos with it fine, and they seem to be received as well, but they don't display "in line" as expected.     Interestingly, if I double click on the IMG_2360, the photo is sort of there, I just can't get at it. Double clicking does this:     However, I can't do anything from...
I will, since it's going to launch in 220,000 stores! The one disappointment I have with Apple Pay (although this may become possible), is that Apple didn't build in the NFC technology into the new iPads.  Given increasing numbers of small merchants seem to be using iPads with Square as their POS device, it would seem like Apple has missed a trick by not exploiting that market.Surely they could have made an iPad have the tech needed to Apple Pay on the merchants side?
I'm not 100% sure, but when I read your comment, it seemed to ring a bell, so you might well be right.
He got fined a couple of years ago for wearing a San Francisco Giants cap at an NFL press conference.   You'd think he'd learn.   However, with the news cycle this will generate, and the number of times the words "Colin Kaepernick" and "Beats Headphones" will be said in the same sentence during those news reports, it will be well worth Apple paying the fine every time a star player does this.  $10k for the amount of air time this will generate is spectacularly cheap...
HP's biggest mistake came in 1999 when they decided to spin off the part of the business they were built on, instruments, and go for the "new and shiny".  They've been doing it ever since with disastrous acquisitions like Compaq, Palm and Autonomy.   Meanwhile their old instruments business, Agilent, are beating them hands down.  The comparison of the two stocks since Agilent was spun off is...
Exactly.Apple are trying to compete with Facebook, Netflix, Google et al for talent in Silicon Valley, and need to make sure they have benefits that will attract people.When I'm hiring, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to beat Apple to the same person, partially because Apple is known to have a poor work life balance.
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