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Yes, I thought that would be the case, and that's actually fine by me, since I'm a fiend for making sure everything is turned off when I'm not using it.  I'll also want to have one wireless keyboard and trackpad that I'll use for both the Mini and the MBP, so it'll be easier to make sure I only have one switched on at a time, to make sure there is no conflict with which Mac is connected to the wireless devices at a time.   Thanks for your help.  Seems like the setup I'm...
Yeah, I get that.  I have two TB displays at the office, and connect all my external drives and ethernet to the ports on the back of the Thunderbolt displays.   Then the cable out the back of TB display 1 plugs into the port on TB display 2, then the cable out the back of TB display 2 plugs into the Macbook Pro.   As if by magic, with that setup, I have two displays daisy chained together, driven by one Mac and the Mac has all the external drives etc. available to it....
No, I know I can swap them at the display, but I don't know that plugging a TB cable into the display will make it work!   What I'm getting at is, there is a cable that comes out of the back of the display.  I plug it into the TB port of a Mac, and it displays. The question is, if I ignore the cable that comes out the back of the display, and instead use a Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable and plug one end into the Thunderbolt port on the Mac, and the other end into the...
Hi everyone;     I'm planning on making some changes to how I use my Mac at home, and need some help with a question I have with the Thunderbolt display.   My plan is to sell my iMac, buy a Thunderbolt display, and use that with a Mac Mini I have.  For the sake of making my desk look neat and tidy, I'm going to mount the Mac Mini underneath the desk using one of these nifty mounts:   http://h-sq.com/products/minimount/   The thing is, I'm going to also want to use...
Might not be Apple, but someone will eventually come up with something like that.Technology fucking rocks!
I guess that ThinkPad wasn't in Best Buy. I had a play around with the tablets they had and liked the iPad Mini, so I bought it.It was basically an impulse buy, and it came good.Again, I'm a normal consumer. Like the majority of people, I want a tablet to look at content.Again, like most normal consumers, I've got the laptop work gives me when I need to be productive.
And there you've summed up many of the problems Microsoft (and Android) licensees have.I don't know what Snapdragon 800, Tegra 4and Bay Trail are. Much less do I care.When I hold a tablet, I definitely care whether it is heavy or light.I'm a normal consumer.
That's a good idea. I could have taken one and shoved it up the backside of the moron in front of me who held his iPad up for half the race.
The Formula 1 race in Austin last year was the first and only time I've ever hated Apples technology.Obviously it wasn't their fault, but the sea of iPad screens being held aloft really tested my patience.
If you worked on the Surface 2, and had spent months figuring out how to make it no thicker than the iPad so it could compete, it must be soul destroying to see Apple leapfrog you yet again.
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