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Me too. I'm sat here with two Thunderbolt displays connected to a Mac Pro, and it feels like it should be more spectacular than it is! Still, the Mac Pro does build Random Forrest models at a hell of a speed!
That's funny.This really speaks to the type of man Balmer is.  It doesn't occur to him to make a better product that people would prefer to use, just force people to obey your commands. A chap who works for me used to work for a company that was acquired by Microsoft and at a team meeting Balmer asked them what Operating Systems they all used.  This guy was the only one in the room who said he used Linux (he's a software engineer, they all use either Linux or Mac for...
 Yes, I've found myself pressing volume and the on/off button at the same time multiple times.  I'll probably get used to it, but it doesn't seem right to me either. TouchID is crazy fast.  Seems to work better when my fingers are damp than the last one as well.
It's not that common, but it happens. Chartered Fab 7 was the primary fab for XBox 360 processors, but a bunch were made in IBM East Fishkill as well.
 I know what you mean, I preordered the 6 thinking the 6+ would be too big and wondered if I would regret it, but so far, I don't think I'm going to (I got the 6 last week). When I first unboxed the 6 it felt much bigger than the 5 did.  I actually double checked that I hadn't received the 6+ by mistake.  Now I've used it all weekend and I've got used to it.  Picking up the 5 a few minutes ago to reset it had me surprised how small it seemed.  I guess if I'd got the 6+ I'd...
This is going to be a big deal for the banks.  I'm currently with HSBC, and I'm already pissed off with them for various reasons.  If they don't support Apple Pay quickly, it'll be the straw that breaks the camels back, and I'll move banks.   Apple are making the banks compete, which is a great thing.
She was taking a picture of her kid. She was in a room of about 15 people, and in the Bay Area it's a good bet half of them would be in the tech industry and likely to know what the phone was. She and her husband didn't seem a but concerned about being seen with it.
I didn't recognize either the woman with it, or her husband. Initially I thought it might be a copy, but it sure as hell looked like one. Took this picture, admittedly at full zoom on my iPhone 5s, since I didn't want her to wonder why the hell I was taking a picture of her.
Not sure how they had it, but I saw someone with an iPhone 6 in San Jose today.
I know they're never going to please everyone, so I'll just have to get over it, but I wish they were releasing the new 6 "stuff" in the old size as well. I'll be interested to see the 6, but my current 5s is just tremendous.  I like everything about it, and find the size the sweet spot and if I had my druthers, my next phone wouldn't be any bigger than the one I have.   I'm totally excited about the NFC and mobile payments though, so I'll end up with the 6.
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