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Ha!  That gave me a laugh, thanks!
How will this "shame" Wikipedia? Do you think Jimmy Wales will read this and have a sudden epiphany that a community curated encyclopedia is a bad idea?  The whole point of Wikipedia is that people who supposedly know more about a topic have the freedom to correct errors.  By complaining about it on another website you completely defeat the purpose of it. Everyone (at least, everyone with any brain), knows not to trust Wikipedia as a single source for knowledge.
Yeah I know.  The time spent creating this article could have been spent correcting the Wikipedia page, assuming it's of any importance at all.
 Absolutely right. Even with the impressive progress Macs have made into the Enterprise, in large corporations, Excel and Powerpoint are still king.  There is no question we'll start using this at work.  It will be a huge benefit.
 Ah.  They fixed that in Excel 2012.  On Windows 7, it's pretty impressive.  Thanks.  I've not got anything against Parallels, but it's always good to see what someone who's used both thinks, in case I'm missing out on something!
 How do you find Fusion in comparison with Parallels?
 I hear you. Excel for Mac seems to only make use of one core on my eight core machine.  For some of the bigger spreadsheets I use, I actually find it more efficient to bring up Parallels and run Excel for Windows, which seems ridiculous.
 Ha! This release has got me hoping even more for a bigger "pro" iPad. With Office on a 12" iPad, I could easily use that as a traveling device, then go for a Mac Pro on my desk at the office.
 So you describe her as "The complete package".  If she were unattractive she would be an incomplete package? I made fun of Ballmer because he ran across the stage shouting "Whoop", "I love this company" and "Developers, developers, developers, developers".  That guys actions were ridiculous, not his appearance. I firmly believe that in an industry where we continue to struggle to find talent, we need to make sure we attract and retain the best people.  Sadly, women are...
Maybe one of the reasons women in tech are as elusive as unicorns is because when they do an outstanding job, the quality of their work is not the thing they are complimented on, it's their appearance. Engineering has a catastrophic problem with recruiting women and it needs to be solved, not ignored.
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