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When your ads are as much about highlighting what your competitor can't do as they are what you can, you probably don't have a great product.
This whole discussion seems to hinge on what you have a car for. If you see it as a way to get from A to B, having luxuries like a nice electronics system will likely matter. If you are interested in the driving experience, you will not care as much. The electronics (specifically nav system) in my Porsche is absolutely dreadful. A UI so bad that I assume it was designed by a monkey. However, the car is so much fun that I just couldn't care less.
I turn off WiFi every morning as I leave the house to walk the dog, because otherwise TuneIn Radio plays the NPR, "This audio stream is brought to you courtesy of xxx" message when I first start listening and it's on my WiFi, then again when I get out of range of WiFi and LTE takes over. Very annoying! What I like more than that though, as a regular flyer, is the easy access to airplane mode. I'm sure there's going to be lots of things in iOS7 that I'll like, but it's...
  Michael Dell made a shit offer - that's the problem.
  Why are you so convinced institutional owners aren't interested in selling stock at a 100% markup?
  Yes, but the top 10 institutional holders have ~53% of the stock. Go and offer a fund manager a 100% markup (which MStone suggested) on one of their holdings, and it's unlikely they would turn it down.   You get 50% of the voting stock, it's pretty simple to replace the management with one that would back a takeover.
  It's a tried and tested route that the political system follows.  Apple has broken no laws, but Standard Chartered Bank had broken no laws either (they never had a trial), but the political system made such a noise and caused them such reputational damage that they paid a large "fine" just to make the whole thing go away.   What's going on is little more than extortion.  "Give us more money or we'll wreck your reputation".   Politicians in this country are entirely...
Even if you didn't get into trouble, at the amount an individual makes, the cost to set it up and manage it would be more than you save.   Once you get into the billions, the running costs of doing it are insignificant in comparison to the savings.   Same reason Mitt Romney was doing nothing illegal in having a much lower effective tax rate than most of us.  Once you get to be mega-rich, the tax code can be manipulated in your favor. Hell, I pay less tax as a percentage...
The point is (and this is the crux of the problem), Apple and many other companies are recognizing revenue in Ireland that there is no way they actually generated in Ireland, and they are recognizing the revenue there purely because Ireland have a very low rate of Corporate tax.   There is no chance Apple actually did $30bn of revenue in a country of 4.6 million between 2009-2012 (especially considering the Irish economy was dying at the time), but that is what they...
  And, for that matter, they could also single out a lot of senators. I'm pretty sure they are able to lower their personal rate of tax more than I can because they are rich enough to setup investment trusts and such like.  Surely it's morally wrong that they don't pay the same effective tax rate as me?   Still, morals don't set the tax rate - the tax laws do.
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