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It's been an easy decision for me to upgrade iOS on release day for multiple upgrades now.  Apples beta test process seems to be good enough that any bugs there are tend to be utterly trivial.   For this upgrade, I've not seen any problems though.  I'm really happy with it. The only thing I don't like is the "click to return to call" message that appears at the top of the screen if you go into another screen when you're making a call.  The green then is awful!  That...
 Very unlikely. Unless the die size increases significantly (and it hasn't), you can't really tell much about a chip as you manufacture it. I could look at a wafer and tell you if it's DRAM, FLASH, logic or an image sensor, but not much beyond that. There's not a cat in hells chance Apple will have allowed Samsung to do the probe testing while they were developing the chip.  Furthermore, while a lot of people here dislike Samsung, and for very good reason, they have...
 I think a lot of people don't understand what an upgrade actually is.  The internal improvements of the 5s were much greater than I was expecting (on an annual release cycle, the processor gains for iPhone have been, and remain, remarkable). The thing I'm most interested in is the Motion coprocessor, mostly because I can't really envisage what such a thing is for.  That excites me though, since finding out what people make it do is going to be very interesting.
  Yes, that was an awfully difficult transition from a user standpoint. I remember weeping - WEEPING, when System Preferences occasionally had to close and re-open in 32-bit mode. To be honest, I wonder if I'll ever get over the psychological scarring it caused.
Digital watches - how exciting!   You'll forgive me if I keep my Breitling!
  Making the initial connection on Facetime has become a massively hit and miss affair for me.  When I try to call my brother in the UK, which I do every week, it used to connect pretty much instantly when Facetime first came out.  Now I get a lot of instances of it "ringing" but not actually contacting him, of it saying "connecting" when he's answered, but then it looks like it's hung (the connection never completes).   I've no idea if this is related to the topic at...
Considering the only iPhone generation change not to feature a new processor was between the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G, it's almost inconceivable that they won't release a new SoC with whatever they release this year.
And Apple:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQb_Q8WRL_g   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT3_tiQZwwA   Negative ads done badly damage your brand.  If they're done well, with charm and humor, they can work.
Sweet - I just broke my Apple TV (note to other users, don't put it on top of your DirecTV box in a small space, since it doesn't seem to like excess heat!) and was planning on replacing it soon.
  I'd guess number 2 is the most likely.
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