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Yeah, I get what you're saying, but I just think it's going to put off a huge number of merchants.  Why would they roll out new Visa machines, for the benefit of only people with Apple phones?  If there's not enough take-up at the merchants, whatever is on the phone is pretty much useless. It's not dissimilar to passbook really.  While I love it for getting into the baseball, it's pretty crappy because NHL don't support it (at least the Sharks don't), and Southwest...
I just don't believe it's going to happen unfortunately.   As far as I can see, the only way putting payment into a phone would work, would be if the phone companies could all agree on a standard, so that one "receiver" at the merchant could handle all phones.  It's not going to work if the merchant has to have one device for people with Apple phones, another for people with Android phones, another for people with Windows phones etc. as well as the existing one for...
For me, one of the problems is I've just got used to picking Google Maps now.  I tried Apple Maps a lot when it first came out, but it let me down multiple times, so I switched to Google.  Now Maps would need to offer something significantly better than Google for me to try again.   I didn't expect Apple Maps to be perfect on release, but the mistakes it made were so far from right that it was all but useless at times. Once something else gets into your "workflow",...
As long as Photos is a sharp improvement on iPhoto, with a lot of the Aperture features included, I don't actually mind.   My only gripe is that if Photos is more like iPhoto than Aperture, it leaves you with little choice as a "prosumer".  I'm told that Lightroom is pretty good, but I really object to having to subscribe to software.
Well for me it's because at my desk I have two Thunderbolt displays, so the Macbook Pro is used to power them when I'm at my desk.   I do that with the screen closed on the MBP. Doesn't seem to cause any problems.
I'm not sure I'd take too seriously the complaints of a man who, while being worth over $1bn, continually bangs on about the plight of the poor and needy, while he claims residency in The Netherlands, so that his tax bill is lower than it would be if he were in Ireland, neatly avoiding and of his taxes helping the poor and needy of Ireland. In summary, the man is a twat.
God the determination to find Samsung doing something nefarious to Apple has got pathetic.   The story here is that Samsung have signed a contract with a large organization to provide some IT equipment.  That's what electronics companies do.
No, I'm not selective in my outrage at all.  I am, however, practical about what action I can take to air my displeasure.  If I stop using Javascript, it will be an extreme negative to me, and will not impact Mozilla at all.  If I stop using Firefox, it will impact Mozilla (since they won't get any click through payments from Google anymore).I think he's been treated incredibly badly by an organization (Mozilla) who he worked for for over a decade, with never a question of...
I've deleted Firefox as a result, as it happens. I don't agree with Brendan Eich's position, but I don't think he should have been forced out. Sadly, his example will now be used by, I don't know, Hobby Lobby, to force out a CEO if he turns out to be gay.
No you don't have a right to have a job just because you want one, but you should have the right to be judged for that job fairly, based on things you can control rather than things that have no bearing on job performance that you can't.
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