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 I'm sorry, if it's a choice, who would choose it?  Who would choose to face bigotry, have unequal rights etc?
So, you wouldn't have hired someone like Sophie Wilson, born Roger Wilson, creator of the instruction set for the first ARM processor, which now has lineage to the A series of Applied chips on the grounds that she is "confused"? I try and hire people who are brilliant.
 Yes, that's true, but it also serves as a further filter between the transceiver and the CPU.  The silicon for a baseband processor will have all manner of noise filtering, and will also be built using larger geometries than the main CPU which will further help in dealing with RF noise. For that reason, I don't know if you'd be able to embed the baseband and the CPU onto the same silicon, or even different silicon in the same package, but I may be wrong.
There'd be some impressive savings to be made in cost and power if they find a way to integrate the Baseband processor into the same package as the CPU. I'd assume there's some pretty big challenges with managing RF noise though.
 I think you're right, I suspect there is going to be a new market segment created by someone and hopefully Apple.From what I anecdotally see, people who either can't afford, or don't want to wear an expensive watch everyday, seem to have all but stopped wearing watches, based on the fact that they have a more accurate clock than any watch in their pocket, on their phone. Finding a way to get that huge segment of the market to wear something on their wrist again is a hell...
Ha!  That gave me a laugh, thanks!
How will this "shame" Wikipedia? Do you think Jimmy Wales will read this and have a sudden epiphany that a community curated encyclopedia is a bad idea?  The whole point of Wikipedia is that people who supposedly know more about a topic have the freedom to correct errors.  By complaining about it on another website you completely defeat the purpose of it. Everyone (at least, everyone with any brain), knows not to trust Wikipedia as a single source for knowledge.
Yeah I know.  The time spent creating this article could have been spent correcting the Wikipedia page, assuming it's of any importance at all.
 Absolutely right. Even with the impressive progress Macs have made into the Enterprise, in large corporations, Excel and Powerpoint are still king.  There is no question we'll start using this at work.  It will be a huge benefit.
 Ah.  They fixed that in Excel 2012.  On Windows 7, it's pretty impressive.  Thanks.  I've not got anything against Parallels, but it's always good to see what someone who's used both thinks, in case I'm missing out on something!
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