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  To be honest though, it's not like Apple Stores are perfect.  The service I get in my local one (which is only 10 miles from Infinite Loop) is dreadful.  There's actually far too many staff, milling around and paying little attention to customers.  I've experienced this in a couple of Apple stores.   That said, the one at Infinite Loop is tremendous.
  That fits almost perfectly with his new company disgracefully forcing small suppliers to reduce their prices by 4% regardless of whether or not they could afford to:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/9890005/Monsoon-accused-of-shameless-squeeze-on-supply-chain.html   How much of a shit was he before Apple made him kinder?
  Bigger screen, better for porn, more "relaxing in a gentlemens way", go blind.......!
  I actually think using a BT headset makes you look like a cock, especially if you're the type of person who wears one all the time, even when not on a call.  As a general rule, I believe in a headset in the car for safety purposes only.   I also suspect people wearing Google Glasses are going to be the champions of douchbaggery, though obviously I'll hold off my snide and unpleasant comments until I've actually seen them!
  Ha!   I remember the first time I saw one of the Galaxy S3's (a friend of mine who works for Google always seems to have the latest and greatest Android phone), being stunningly impressed with the screen and actually quite impressed with the device as a whole, then he received a call and I found myself feeling sorry for him.  It looked like it was a phone designed specifically for old people because they need bigger buttons!
The main problem with this phone, and its predecessor, is that when you use it as an actual phone (i.e. hold it against your head and talk to someone), you look like an absolute cock.
The thing that pisses me off about Googles actions here is that but for them (and the ever standards un-compliant Microsoft), this is an example of technology companies just being flat out sensible and understanding that standards are great, in certain areas.  MPEG group do a good job of corralling things in a way that allows consumers to benefit, but Google have to come along, pretending not to be evil, trying to control everything themselves.   Aside from that, one...
Totally backs up what I've found. Apple Maps give great directions and is a fantastic UI. Where it flops is it's search. Fix that, and I'll never touch Google Maps again.
Am I spectacularly stupid, or is it near impossible to get Google Maps to give you turn by turn directions? I'm sure I managed it once, but I've not been able to since (all it seems to do is let me "preview" a route). At the moment, I'm using Google Maps to search for places, then I'm entering them into Apple Maps for the driving directions. I so wish Apple would get the data behind the maps right, and make the search better. Their app interface is tremendous.
Shazam is everything an app should be.  Does one thing extraordinarily well, and solves a "problem" that nothing else did. The amount of time I've wasted in my life desperately trying to remember who a song was by is immeasurable!
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